A runoff election will decide the Fifth Ward City Council race in Hannibal on Tuesday, April 18.

The Fifth Ward City Council race in Hannibal will be determined on Tuesday, April 18, exactly two weeks after the municipal election took place.
“I hope everyone (Fifth Ward voters) comes out and votes,” said Marion County Clerk Valerie Dornberger after setting up the election site at Prince Avenue Baptist Church Monday morning with the help of Marla Meyers, chief deputy county clerk, and a handful of county Highway Department personnel.
Dornberger is not expecting a big turnout to decide the race between Colin Welch and Gordon Ipson, explaining that typically the turnout for runoff elections is “very low.”
“We only had 297 people show up for April 4 at this precinct and there’s 1,500 registered voters. I think if we get half of that (297) we’ll be lucky,” said the county clerk.
According to the city’s charter, the runoff election is required because none of the Ward’s three candidates who appeared on the April 4 ballot received over 50 percent of the ballots that were cast.