Pike County still awaiting federal flood reimbursements

Posted: Dec. 24, 2015 9:47 am
Pike County Missouri says it’s still waiting for almost $400,000 in federal flood reimbursements.
The 2015 deluge was unofficially the ninth-worst in two centuries. More than 23 inches of rain fell over three months — including gully-washers that added up to 11 and a half inches in June alone.
County commissioners met in July with representatives from the federal and state emergency management agencies.
The reimbursement process began in August after President Barack Obama approved Governor Jay Nixon’s request for a federal disaster declaration in almost 70 Missouri counties. Damage statewide was projected at $38 million.
Seven of the top 10 floods from the last 200 years have hit Pike County since 1993, and three of the top five have been since 2008.

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