Movies in the Park free for all

The “Movies in the Park” project got a go ahead last week when the Monroe City Council gave the group permission to use South Park for the event this summer and agreed to let the sponsors use the city owned projector and to provide the electrical hookup.

Movies in the Park is a free event and is designed to provide entertainment for all ages. Adults are encouraged to bring their own chairs. No refreshments or snacks are available for sale at the park.

Volunteers Chris Alcorn and Melissa Utterback are in charge of the event. Alcorn said she got the idea for Movies in the Park after she and her husband took their children to area towns where outdoor movies were shown. They would give their children a set amount of money to purchase snacks for eating during the movie.

“It is fun watching the kids figure out what they are going to buy with their money. This has become a special treat for our family,” Alcorn said.

She hopes this event will encourage those attending the free movie to stop in local businesses for snacks, gas and refreshments.

Movies in the Park became a reality after Alcorn talked her idea over with her friend Melissa Utterback who agreed it would be a great event to have in Monroe City and volunteered to help.

“We wanted to offer events for families. The town doesn’t have a lot to offer in recreation for families,” Alcorn continued.

The problem was they had to figure how to accomplish their goal since some fundraising would be involved. After investigating, it was determined the project would cost about $1,400 a year. They went to the Chamber of Commerce with their idea. The Chamber agreed to fund one movie year. The city council agreed to let them use the city’s movie projector and to provide an electrical hookup.

The movies are shown on a large screen set up in the corner of the park. Philip and Bridgette Potterfield provided funds for the screen.

To raise the rest of the needed funds Alcorn and Utterback hold fundraisers throughout the year and accept donations from individuals.

“Drive in theaters were a wonderful low cost entertainment for families in their era. Movies in the Park give both old and young a chance to step back in time. All ages are welcome to attend,” Alcorn stated. She said the city council has been very welcoming and helpful as well as encouraging in getting this venture off the ground and without them, this would not be happening.

The first film “Wonder” will be shown on Saturday, June 9. The second film “The Wizard of Oz” on Saturday, July 7. The title of the third movie has not been selected at this time. It is scheduled to be shown on Saturday, August 11.