Community ties, growth bring MVM Precision Machine to Ralls County

The new MVM Precision Machine facility is under construction just outside of New London. Business owner Matt Glascock is moving operations for his 12-year old business from Wellsville back to the family farm, where he became interested in mechanics during his childhood years.
Posted: Apr. 25, 2017 4:12 pm

A childhood interest in mechanics and repairing equipment throughout the family farm grew into a prosperous machining business for a Ralls County native.

A dozen years after he started MVM Precision Machine, owner Matt Glascock is bringing his business to the spot where his passion was born while following in the engineering footsteps of his father, Denis.

Glascock is moving business operations to a brand new facility on the family’s Century Farm in Ralls County. Bleigh Construction Company began work in fall 2016, and Glascock plans to begin moving into the new building in May or June. With the new facility, Glascock said his fellow local employees will be much closer to work, and he looks forward to the opportunity to hire additional employees from surrounding communities like New London, Center and Hannibal.

Construction continued at a brisk pace Monday, April 24, as crew members installed exterior wall pieces and roofing with the help of towering cranes.

MVM Precision Machine primarily builds custom industrial equipment like automation, assembly and welding fixtures. The company’s projects are not limited to heavy-duty applications, Glascock said.

"We’ve built a variety of things over the years," he said. "We don’t have any specific area, just whatever our customer needs are — test equipment, things of that nature."

Although it’s too early to pin down an exact number of how many employees will be at the upcoming machine shop, Glascock said removing the 60-minute commute each way to Wellsville will ease fatigue and long work days for the current three-person team. Glascock said he is looking forward to the chance to rekindle community ties and spend more time with family and friends.

The Ralls County native said commuting and working out of town kept him from being as involved in the community as he wanted to. When construction is complete, a successful endeavor will come back to where it all began for Glascock.

"Getting to go back makes it easier to spend more time with family and friends, and put a little back in the community that raised me," he said.


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