Ambulatory Surgery Center marks milestone

Dr. Michael Bukstein, left, and Dr. Bhagirath Katbamna are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Northeast Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center in Hannibal on July 8, where they were among the first doctors performing surgery in 2000.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Jul. 10, 2020 8:00 am

HANNIBAL | As the Northeast Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center at the Hannibal Clinic celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 8, Dr. Michael Bukstein said “the most rewarding thing is the comments we get back from our patients.”

Each patient has an opportunity to complete a survey and the board reviews each one, Bukstein said. The center reported the patient satisfaction rating has been consistently more than 98%.

“We have extremely good quality and great prices,” Bukstein said. “We have a wonderful staff, and from the time we opened the staff satisfaction has been very high. The main thing that makes it a success is the staff. They treat everybody like family.”
Maureen Kahn, president and CEO at the Blessing Health System and president of the Hannibal Clinic, explained, “For 20 years this Ambulatory Surgery Center has been a partnership of physicians of the Hannibal Clinic and Midwest Orthopedic Specialists.”

The first surgery at the center was performed July 10, 2000, and the center now does about 4,000 procedures a year. It has 33 employees and 25 physicians on staff and has been AAAHC accredited since 2002.

Bukstein, who just celebrated his 45th year with the Hannibal Clinic, recalled his first surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center was a hernia repair.

Some of the most common surgeries today are colonoscopies or for carpal tunnel, hernia or laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder, Bukstein said.

The center was founded by doctors Bukstein, Lent Johnson, Curtis Burton and Christopher Bieniek. It was the second ambulatory surgery center opened in Missouri and Bukstein said the doctors, “always looked at how to provide high-quality surgical care to the community at a very affordable price.”

Tracie Hark, administrator of the center, recommended people call and check prices.

The orthopedic surgeons are Drs. Curtis Burton, Rahul Basho, Christopher Bieniek and Richard Baumann.

Kahn said thanks to its quality of surgery and prices, the center “is the best kept secret in Hannibal.”

The center has started total joint replacements. And one big improvement involves breast cancer, because “We have the ability to do breast cancer surgery with a hand-hand Geiger counter,” Bukstein said.

Dr. Bhagirath Katbamna, whose specialty is gastroenterology, does colonoscopies at the center. He recommended everyone over age 50 have a colonoscopy, because precancerous polyps in the colon can be removed to prevent cancer. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Katbamna said.







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