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Hannibal Rural Fire Protection District receives improved rating

Posted: May. 28, 2020 11:08 am

HANNIBAL | The Hannibal Rural Fire Protection District has been notified it will have an improved rating effective Sept. 1.

The improved rating can result in home owners saving on their house insurance, according to Fire Chief Mike Dobson.

The district is about 85 square miles and uses the Hannibal Public School District lines, excluding the city of Hannibal. The district operates with 18 volunteer firefighters and responds to about 200 medical, auto accidents or fires per year, Dobson said.

Dobson was notified by Insurance Services Office (ISO) of the rating change. Nationally fire departments are scored on emergency reporting and communications, fire department capabilities (equipment and training) and water supply. They are rated on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the best. Nationally only 388 fire departments have this 1 rating, he said.

In January an ISO representative did an inspection of training records, past emergency run records, including response time, verified equipment on response vehicles, inspected maintenance and testing records and also requested water supply testing be performed by the department in the district.

The summary report assigned a new rating of 6/10, an improvement over the old rating of 8B/10. Dobson explained rating are broken down to the first number or the 6 being assigned to areas within five miles of a fire station. Areas outside the five miles are rated 10.

Hannibal Rural District operates out of three fire stations. Station 1 is at 9250 County Road 418 Hannibal. Station 2 is at 12823 Old 79 Highway, New London. Station 3 is at 12681 Heavenly Acres Drive, New London. Each station houses a pumper truck, tanker truck and brush truck.

The ISO does fire department ratings at five-year intervals.