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CrossFit Hannibal moves to virtual workouts during YMCA closure

Posted: Mar. 25, 2020 1:49 pm Updated: Mar. 25, 2020 1:54 pm

HANNIBAL | The YMCA of Hannibal may be closed temporarily, but the CrossFit workouts will continue.

Instead, those enrolled in the CrossFit Hannibal classes will workout from home with video instruction from Brent Pendergrass, who runs the program.

“What we have going on is putting out videos for our CrossFit athletes giving them things to do at home, posting pictures, doing live groups a couple of times,” Pendergrass said. “Going on and trying to talk to our members via live, doing a fun workout with all of us at the same time via video.”

Pendergrass works with CrossFit Level 1 trainer Jeff Landrum to instruct CrossFit Hannibal.

“Jeff Landrum (is) our CrossFit Level 1 trainer who is posting (these) videos, and it was his dream to start a CrossFit here in Hannibal,” Pendergrass said.

The goal for CrossFit Hannibal clients is to stay healthy and not miss a beat for when the YMCA of Hannibal opens up and classes resume.

Pendergrass said his clients will send workout videos to the CrossFit coaches, and they will send feedback on what they need to do on their form and technique.

“Another thing that my coach and I do is make phone calls, texts, chats and (other) communications doing videos of the group when we can all do group pictures with all the athletes, so we can see each other workout,” Pendergrass said. “(We are) continually trying to provide that group mentality workout, and then as coaches, we are watching.”

During the group live video, the CrossFit coaches will discuss what is in the video, explain the workouts, show examples of proper form for the workouts and spend the remainder of that time watching the clients work out.

This allows Pendergrass and his assistant coach to teach proper techniques and offer encouragement to their clients while they workout, just like they would in an actual class.

“It's almost the same format at the CrossFit class, spending a little bit of time on form and what we are about to do, and then working on stretching,” Pendergrass said. “Telling people to do a few things throughout the day to stay active … and encourage them.”

CrossFit Hannibal just had their grand opening in February and have 20 members right now. During this period of closure, the CrossFit staff is adding new equipment and working to improve the facility where the classes are held.

“What we are trying to do (is help our clients) keep up on health and wellness the best way we can to keep that community going,” Pendergrass said. “A lot of people are frustrated that things have stopped on them, so we want to make sure that fitness is one thing that doesn't stop.”

Prior to setting up the CrossFit Hannibal class, Pendergrass and his wife have traveled around the world setting up CrossFit gyms and teaching classes.

Pendergrass said he has been able to set up a strong CrossFit community in Hannibal and hopes to keep it going strong once the YMCA re-opens.

“Usually, CrossFit classes start with five to 10 people and grow slowly,” Pendergrass said. “We have doubled that in our first month and it was due because people were so excited to be part of that, which is really cool.”

The YMCA of Hannibal is tentatively scheduled to re-open on Wednesday, April 1 at 5 a.m. Although there has been no confirmed exposure of COVID-19 at the YMCA, the staff will deep clean the facility during the closure as a precautionary measure.