Chiefs Super Bowl win inspires wedding for Palmyra couple

Chiefs Super Bowl win inspires wedding for Palmyra
Todd Dorsey gets down on his knee to propose to his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Calvin following the Chiefs Super Bowl win on Feb. 2.
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By Mike Thomas
Courier-Post Sports Editor
Posted: Feb. 14, 2020 2:43 pm Updated: Feb. 14, 2020 2:47 pm

PALMYRA, Mo. | The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers gave a lot of Chiefs fans satisfaction after a 50-year wait. For Todd Dorsey and Rebecca Calvin of Palmyra, it meant so much more.

Dorsey and Calvin have been together as a couple for 28 years and have three children; 18-year-old Evan Dorsey, 13-year-old Ethan Dorsey and four-year-old Emma Dorsey. However, the couple never married.

That all changed on Super Bowl Sunday, when Dorsey proposed to Calvin after the Chiefs came from behind to win their second Super Bowl title.

Evan Dorsey said marriage was never a top priority for his parents, and they always said it would happen after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

“The proposal was kinda perfect to be honest,” Evan Dorsey said. “Nothing about this arrangement was normal by anyone's standards and when it came down to it and the clock hit zero, they didn't actually have a ring due to the fact they didn't know if the Chiefs would win. So, they actually made a little fun out of it and used a cupcake football ring in the proposal.” 

Todd Dorsey and Calvin have yet to set a date or place for their wedding, but they would love to have it at Arrowhead Stadium. 

Palmyra High School teacher Marcy Hamilton said Evan Dorsey has shared this story in class.

“Evan has been my student for the past four years and has often mentioned that his parents would marry when the Chiefs win the Super Bowl,” Hamilton said. “Last week, he even shared with the class that he is licensed to officiate a marriage.” 

Evan Dorsey said that his entire family is stoked about the wedding and his grandparents on both sides have been waiting a long time for this day. 

“I am ordained and we have talked about me officiating the wedding, but nothing is really set in stone yet, but I believe that is the plan,” Evan Dorsey said. “It started out just as one my little gags to be funny and just to be able to say I'm ordained, but I do believe there is a strong chance I officiate the wedding.”

Chiefs football has always been a huge deal in the Dorsey household, with Evan Dorsey wearing an Tony Gonzalez onesie as a baby.

Evan Dorsey said he was born into Chiefs Kingdom, since his parents were huge fans of Kansas City.

“During football season, it's all about the Chiefs and even in the offseason when the draft and free agency comes around,” Evan Dorsey said. “To some people, Sunday's are for church and family dinners, but for us it's all about KC. The players kind of become like family, even though we've never met them. When a player gets traded or lost to another team in free agency, it hurts like we actually did lose a family member.” 

For years, the Chiefs were known as a team that does well in the regular season, but can't get over the hump in the playoffs. When head coach Andy Reid took over prior to the 2013 season, the Chiefs were in disarray and were coming off a 2-14 season.

Reid had the Chiefs in the playoffs his first season and five out of six seasons prior to the 2019 season. However, Reid was 2-5 in postseason play before this year's Super Bowl run. 

It was not looking good for the Chiefs early into the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, when the 49ers took a 20-10 lead and Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions. The Chiefs then scored three touchdowns in a five-minute period, with Mahomes throwing two touchdown passes and Damien Williams scoring a rushing and receiving touchdown. 

“When the Chiefs took the lead and then made the 49ers turnover the ball on downs, we went absolutely nuts,” Evan Dorsey said. “Then, when Damien Williams scored the last touchdown to ice the game, it was unreal. It's kind of crazy how a team full of people you've never met or talked to before can have such a impact on your life and can cause that type of happiness.”

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