Open Door Prayer ministry offering a place to pray

Bill Cumberlidge and Brenda Clement invite the public to the new Open Door Prayer ministry at Standing on the Rock Ministries Church at 9231 County Road 418 in Hannibal.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Jan. 25, 2020 8:00 am


HANNIBAL | After experiencing the power of prayer in healing for their major health problems, Bill Cumberlidge and Brenda Clement of Hannibal decided to begin a ministry, Open Door Prayer, offering people an opportunity to drop in and pray, either individually or with others.

To begin, they received permission from Pastor Jamey Dyke to use the church building where he is pastor. Standing on the Rock Ministries at 9231 County Road 418, which Cumberlidge and Clement attend, now is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursdays and from noon to 3 p.m. Fridays, weather permitting.

The final goal is 24-7 prayer,” Cumberlidge said. “We started on Friday and expanded to Thursday night to catch night people.

I believe when people hear about it, there will be more nights open for prayer and longer hours,” he said. “We are asking for volunteers from any denomination to assist in helping those asking for their prayer needs.”

More details are available from Cumberlidge at 702-771-9568 or by email at

The Open Door Prayer was my idea,” Cumberlidge said. “When I met Brenda at Standing on the Rock, I already had the idea. Then God put us together.”

Clement has been involved in the ministry in the past, so “this is something that has been exciting for me,” she said. “This is something new. We are working together and praying together, and every time they open the door we are there.”

Cumberlidge's miracle healing began in 2002. In 1984 at age 42 he had been diagnosed with sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, a rare condition in which the heart randomly stops. He said from 1984 to 2002, he battled the syndrome, constantly ending up in the hospital after near-fatal incidents. A pacemaker and defibrillator were implanted in his chest in 2002. They have kept the syndrome in check for many years.

Two years ago he wrote a book, "Empty to Fullness," about his miracles. It is still available at Greater Days on North Main Street in Hannibal. The book has recently been revised, and the title is changed to “How to See Your Healing Breakthrough Now!” It is available on Amazon or in paperback on Kindle.

Although he still has the pacemaker and defibrillator, he said “I don't need them. In July of 2018 I received a new heart in a miracle healing at a church in Quincy. I was healed at age 77 when (the late) Rabbi Michael Zeitler was visiting from Israel. He was my friend.

He would pray, and people would be healed,” Cumberlidge said. “During this healing service he asked people what their needs for healing were, and I whispered 'new heart.' … I walked slowly to him and he prayed for me and laid his hands on my heart, and I now have the heart of a 25-year-old.

After it happened I went to my cardiologist and insisted on a new test, where they go in and check everything in your heart, and they found everything perfect.”

Cumberlidge reported he is still experiencing miracles. His latest involves a large tumor in his ankle. “It grew and grew,” he said. He was to have it cut out. Then shortly before his surgery was scheduled, he had an MRI on Dec. 22, 2019, and there was no tumor. “It was gone,” he said. “The doctor said it was completely gone. I had been prayed for on the 700 Club.”

For many years, Clement has believed in the healing power of prayer, because she was healed of cancer and meningitis 31 years ago. “I had two cancerous brain tumors,” she explained. “I had surgery and prayed and trusted God. I was never afraid that I was going to die.

When I had two surgeries at the University Hospital in Columbia, they removed the tumors, but they said I had infection and meningitis come in when my head was opened up. I was full of infection from my head down my spine.

I also had side effects from the surgery, including double vision,” Clement said. “It took a while for me to get my strength back.”

She is thankful she is cancer-free now.

Once they removed the tumors, nothing came back.” At that time Clement was attending the Tabernacle of Praise. “There was a lot of prayer for me at that time, from people I didn't even know,” she said.

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