Hannibal's 2019 time capsule with hundreds of letters is closed until 2069

Contents of the Hannibal bicentennial 2019 time capsule are viewed by the public in Central Park at the Oct. 26 closing ceremony.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Oct. 28, 2019 5:00 pm

HANNIBAL - One of the main Hannibal bicentennial events took place Saturday, Oct. 26, in Central Park, when the 2019 time capsule was closed. It will remain sealed until 2069.

The time capsule contains more than 200 letters, along with lists of local students, photos and members of businesses and clubs, historical facts, books by local authors and much more.

Before closing the time capsule the people present were invited to view its contents and received a list of all 233 items it contains.

The time capsule will be sealed in a vault provided by Smith Funeral Home, then stored above ground, to prevent its contents from having water damage, as was discovered in the 1969 time capsule that was opened in May. It has been buried in Central Park, and most of the contents were destroyed.

After Hannibal Mayor James Hark introduced Mary Lynne Richards and other Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department personnel who put together the time capsule, he honored people who had donated special items.

Among them was Brandi Lionberger, who donated the Hannibal flag, which was designed by her father, the late LeRoy Stolberg. She included a Hannibal Courier-Post article reporting he won the flag designing contest in 1976. The flag features a picture of Mark Twain, centered in the year 1819.

Also introduced was Hannibalian David Walkup, who donated his two books.

The time capsule includes the five books written by the Hannibal Writers Club.

Hark also introduced Hannibal's 2019-2020 Tom and Becky, Preston Danner and Lanie Privett, who posed for photos with the open time capsule.

Of the many letters in the time capsule, six were written by local seventh-grade students, and they were invited to read them during the ceremony. Each classroom had a contest, with the winning letters selected by teachers. The winning students were Mia Watson, Piper Harvey, Breanna Smith and Zora Reese from Hannibal Middle School, Alana Lemon from St. John's School and Prestan Schanbacher from Holy Family School.

Schanbacher's letter paid tribute to his teachers, Mrs. Flaspholer, Mrs. Wetton and Mrs. Millan, and his school principal, Sister Betty.

Lemon's letter expressed hope that in 50 years a cure for cancer will be found. She also wondered what new technology would be used by then.

Smith's letter expressed fear for what the future holds, with global warming, stating, “I hope people will try to make a difference, and change will be mandatory.” She also hopes diseases such as cancer will be cured.

Richards invited everyone at the ceremony to view the open time capsule before it was closed.

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winners from Ha

r letters at the ceremony.

The class winners from Hannibal Middle School were: Mia Watson, Piper Harvey, Breanna Smith and Zora Reese. The winner from Holy Family School was

winner from St. John's School was Alana Lemon. 



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