State Rep. Lindell Shumake recently pre-filed five bills that make up his legislative agenda for the upcoming 2016 session.

State Rep. Lindell Shumake recently pre-filed five bills that make up his legislative agenda for the upcoming 2016 session. Shumake’s bills address topics ranging from funding for veterans homes to providing better background checks for ambulance district employees.

HJR 54 would amend Missouri’s constitution if approved by voters to authorize $50 million in bonds for the state’s veterans homes. Shumake noted the need for a new home is urgent as approximately 2,000 veterans are currently waiting to get into one of the seven existing homes.

“Sadly, there are thousands of veterans in need of these facilities and the state of Missouri does not have the space to accommodate these numbers.” Shumake, R-Hannibal, said. “These brave individuals put their very lives on the line for us. The least we can do is to give them a place where they can receive the care and attention they need to have a better quality of life.”

If approved by the General Assembly during the 2016 session, HJR 54 would appear on the November 2016 ballot for voter approval.

In addition to HJR 54, Shumake also filed HB 1603. The bill would allow law enforcement agencies to perform criminal record reviews for open records for the purpose of hiring any ambulance district employee.

Another bill, HB 1853, would designate a portion of Highway 61 in Marion County as the Tom Boland Highway. Shumake noted that Boland is a prominent figure in the community who has a legacy of service in the Hannibal area.

Shumake also filed HB 1399 to grant the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House standing to intervene in cases challenging the constitutionality of state law, and to authorize legislators to hire counsel when sued in their official capacity. Shumake said the bill is a necessity because the attorney general’s office has been hesitant to take on the responsibility in some cases because of the political ramifications.

Shumake’s final bill, HB 1400, would allow camping trailers more than 25 years old to be permanently registered and be issued historical trailer license plates.

“These are the bills that I have put forth this year, though I have signed on to several other bills which were filed by my colleagues,” said Shumake. “I have always felt that less is better when it comes to new legislation. There are certainly good bills being proposed, but we have to be very careful when writing new legislation that there are no unintended circumstances.”

The 2016 legislative session begins Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016.