A Hannibal Board of Public Works team was performing a maintenance check on a sewer line near Munger and Ledford streets Tuesday morning.

In less than two weeks Dan David of the Board of Public Works will be retiring. During his career he has seen more unexpected items in sewer lines than people can imagine, providing a list that includes false teeth, billiard balls, coins, marbles, toys and rings.

“Roots are usually the biggest problem,” he said.

On Tuesday morning David and Jamie Whitley were busy checking a sewer line near Munger and Ledford streets, which was cleaned on Friday.

“This is all preventative maintenance,” said Whitley, explaining that the TV check is performed to look for line damage and roots.

“An entire service line can be overgrown with roots over time so just a little bit of water can get through,” said Whitley.

The TV camera sent into the sewer is equipped with a small transmitter. An above-ground receiver allows BPW personnel to pinpoint where a problem is located.

According to Whitley, a BPW crew using a camera can cover 400 feet of pipe in approximately 20 minutes.


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