The new ultraviolet (UV) portion of Hannibal’s water system is now operational.

The new ultraviolet (UV) portion of Hannibal’s water system is now operational. Following two days of testing and calibration, plus another day of training for the operators, the system went into service on Thursday, Oct. 29, according to Mathew Munzlinger, utility planning and construction engineer for the BPW.

“I am glad to have the installation and startup completed,” said Munzlinger on Friday.

Testing of the new system by UV factory representatives was completed with hardly a hiccup.

“They found a couple of minor problems with a couple components, but they were easily fixed,” said Munzlinger. “They did not delay the startup of the system.”

The UV system, which is located in a new building at the Water Treatment Plant in Riverview Park, has already received a thumbs up from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR).

“A MoDNR representative was onsite yesterday (Thursday) and signed off on the installation,” said Munzlinger.

The MoDNR had set an Oct. 1 deadline for the BPW to have the UV system’s installation completed. The BPW was also on the clock to finish a conversion to chloramines to address disinfection byproducts. Disinfection byproducts are formed when chlorine combines with naturally occurring organic matter found in water. According to Munzlinger, the UV reactor’s role in the water system is to render inactive “viruses, parasites and bacteria that would be present in the water after filtration.”

While the UV system is functioning, the overall project is not concluded.

“The building is not totally finished,” said Munzlinger. “There are other areas of the plant where the contractor still has work to complete.”

The addition of the UV system is part of $3.75 million in improvements being made at the water plant and pump house.


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