MOlibraries Snapshot Day was Oct. 14 and the Hannibal Free Public Library participated.

MOlibraries Snapshot Day was Oct. 14 and the Hannibal Free Public Library participated.

The day started with a staff meeting (and donuts). Then Library Director Hallie Yundt Silver left for her city meeting and the Library opened. The public could admire a display case full of pop-up books, and staff got a display ready for Halloween. The plumber visited to repair the toddler toilet. Staff worked on bookkeeping. Volunteers processed books to get them ready to circulate. The public used the Library’s computers and wi-fi to access the Internet. Staff repaired books to keep them in circulation.

The afternoon found several staff members at the program about bed bugs co-sponsored by Reliable Pest Solutions, the library, and the Hannibal Nutrition Center. A one-on-one training session was scheduled for a member of the public who wants to use library books on her Kindle. The Chess Club met for its weekly games. Another patron used the Library’s microfilm machines to do local history research in the afternoon.

The day ended with several candidates for the library shelver position taking their skills assessments. Staff shelved books and provided service at the two desks throughout the day, answering reference questions, checking out books, and helping people.

“We had a typical day. It was busy with a variety of activities, which staff documented with photos,” Yundt Silver said.

MOlibraries Snapshot Day was co-sponsored by Missouri Library Association, Missouri Public Library Directors, and Missouri Association of School Librarians. Libraries posted images, videos, and stories about what was going on in their library on this one random day in October. These posts showed that libraries matter and shared stories about how library services touch lives and are relevant to the 21st century. Photos and other posts may be found on FaceBook, tagged with #molibraries. The link to Hannibal Free Public Library’s FaceBook page may be found at the top right of the library’s website at