The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' waterfowl refuge will be closed Oct. 31 to Dec. 29.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages a waterfowl refuge on the Middle Fork and Elk Fork branches on Mark Twain Lake during the waterfowl season. The refuge provides approximately 3,000 acres of habitat for migratory waterfowl to feed and rest before continuing south towards their wintering grounds.

The waterfowl refuge will be closed Oct. 31 to Dec. 29. The refuge will be posted with signs and lake buoys to indicate the prohibition of all boat traffic and waterfowl hunting. However, land-based activities, such as bank fishing, waterfowl viewing, and other in-season hunting is permitted.

Hunters are also cautioned that other designated no-hunting zones exist in various recreation areas around the lake. These zones protect visitors who are hiking, camping, and fishing during the hunting seasons. Review Corps' maps and brochures for the locations of these areas. Remember to hunt responsibly and respect the rights of landowners adjacent to public lands.

For information, contact the Mark Twain Lake Project Office, 20642 Highway J, Monroe City, Missouri 63456, or telephone (573) 735-4097.