Northeast District Maintenance Supervisor Roy Niemeyer was selected as the 2014 State Employee Award of Distinction winner in the Leadership category.

Northeast District Maintenance Supervisor Roy Niemeyer was selected as the 2014 State Employee Award of Distinction winner in the Leadership category. He was recognized for the accomplishment at a special ceremony at the Northeast District Office on June 16. Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger presented the Governor's Award to Roy in the presence of his coworkers and family in Bowling Green.

Northeast District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer Jennifer Hinson nominated Niemeyer. She wrote, "Roy has been recognized numerous times by the general public, elected officials, and his peers for his outstanding display of pride as a state employee, helpfulness, leadership and encouragement. In the recent past, Roy received a Noteworthy Award by MoDOT for his actions to help stranded motorists on U.S. 61 who had a health issue. Most recently, however, and the reason for this nomination, Roy was sent a personal letter from the Mayor of Clarksville and the Emergency Management Office, on behalf of the entire city, for his leadership and helpfulness to provide traffic control and clean up the roads quickly in their community during and after significant flooding. In the letter, the Mayor, emergency management team, and the Board of Alderman expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for his assistance, citing "Without the assistance of a person like you, the devastation to the City in such an emergency situation would be far greater and likely impossible to survive. Words cannot fully convey the gratitude of Clarksville...."

Neimeyer's leadership skills prompted him to take quick action as the Mississippi River began to consume roads, actual streets, within the City of Clarksville in spring 2014. Not only did he work directly with their emergency management office and their volunteers, he provided leadership to the group, working with them on a plan to ensure all workers and drivers in the community were safe. He went above and beyond to check barricades and water levels as he was driving by on his own time. He took many phone calls off hours, as well as made many, just to ensure everything was still in place and it was safe.

While Neimeyer could not have physically accomplished this major task alone, as a supervisor, he has engaged his employees, serving as a role model to do not just what needs to be done, but to do it right and with care, all with safety and outstanding customer service in the forefront of his leadership.

Neimeyer has worked for MoDOT for 16 years. In addition to being maintenance supervisor for Bowling Green, he has also supervised the Elsberry and Frankford maintenance buildings. He has many skills that make him a terrific maintenance supervisor, but notably, his morals and values contribute to his success. While raising a family that includes a wife and three daughters who are all very active in sports, the community, and their church, Roy has found time to attend MoDOT public meetings on his own time, not serving as a representative of MoDOT, but there because he cares about his community and neighbors.