After being closed for the past eight years, the Haunted House and Wax Museum at 215 Hill St. has a new owner, Jacklyn Karlock, who plans to re-open it in May.

After being closed for the past eight years, the Haunted House and Wax Museum at 215 Hill St. has a new owner, Jacklyn Karlock, who plans to re-open it in May.

The Wax Museum features large figures of Mark Twain’s family. Karlock explained that Martin Krewson Sr., who created the Wax Museum, “had photos of Mark Twain’s family, so he could see how his family actually looked.”

Another realistic touch Krewson added, Karlock said, was using actual replacement eyes that were designed for people who had lost an eye.

The Haunted House has numerous rooms, and Karlock plans to leave most all of them original.

She will later announce her opening date and the business hours.


Theme gift shop

will be added


Karlock is adding a gift shop that will feature holiday themes along with gift items and home décor, such as lighting.

It will have a Halloween theme and an area for Christmas items. She already has some items on display, such as several witches.

Karlock also will offer jewelry, noting, “I do a lot of jewelry.”

Some gift shop merchandise will be from Kathryn’s Collections, an online wholesaler, Karlock added.

Karlock and her husband, Steve, are from the Ventura, Calif., area.

They bought and restored a Hannibal home, which was in a Hannibal home tour in 2013.

Her husband will later open a business in another local building.

The Karlocks still have an amusement business in California, providing things like pool tables, video games and jukeboxes.

She explained her Missouri roots helped bring her back to the Hannibal area. “I was raised in Troy, Mo., and my whole family is here.

“I came here (Hannibal) with a girl friend one day and started looking at the old houses in the historic district.”

This led to the couple buying the home they have since restored.

In addition to the entertainment business the Karlocks operate, she ran a catering business in the Los Angeles area for nearly 17 years.

She served movie studios and record companies, reporting “it was an interesting job, and it was very demanding. I can’t tell stories, (because) in the catering business, you see things and it stays inside the walls.’


Made ‘big mistake’

at ‘Star Wars’ party


However, she did share a couple of her experiences. One involved the “Star Wars” movie. “I was catering the wrap party, and when I was going home they asked if I wanted any of the props they had. I said ‘No thanks.’ It was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life.”

She noted that at the party Mark Hamill was nervous about meeting all the people. “I said ‘The party is for you,’ and I shoved him out the door. They clapped for him, and he was OK after that.”

Another special memory includes Frank Sinatra and seven of Karlock’s friends. “Frank Sinatra was one of my clients, and he was at Tahoe,” she said. “Eight of us went when he was playing there, and the girls couldn’t buy any tickets. He always said if I was ever there to call him.”

She called him and got tickets. “They said ‘Karlock, party of eight,’ and they called us in to the dinner show. … We had a raised table right on top of the stage. He was a really nice person.”