Marion County Prosecutor David Clayton filed a second degree assault charge against Robert D. Majors, 52226 Kingbird Lane, Center, on Tuesday.
The charge comes after a three-month investigation led by Hannibal police into the circumstances behind an accident on Dec. 27, 2013, on Stardust Lane in Hannibal.
In connection with the accident, Majors entered a guilty plea to an amended charge of having a defective muffler in Marion County Associate Court on Friday, March 28. Judge John J. Jackson fined Majors $100, plus $10 to the CVC.
The new charge is a Class C felony.
According to police reports and information gathered at the scene, Majors was driving a 2013 Ford F250 Platinum series pickup truck at the time of the accident. The truck belonged to his cousin, Matt Bates.
 Majors apparently lost control of the vehicle while driving east on Stardust. After clipping an OATS bus, hitting three or four parked vehicles, and veering off an Aldi’s sign, the truck hit a 1994 Blazer, driven by David W. Miller, 29, of Shelbina.
 Following the accident, Hannibal police arrested Majors for driving while suspended.
On the driving while revoked/suspended charge, arraignment had been scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 7, 2014, before Judge John J. Jackson in Marion County Associate Court at Hannibal.
 According to Case.Net, Majors failed to appear for his arraignment on Feb. 7, and the case was continued until March 7. He was arraigned on March 7, and the case was continued until March 28, at which time he entered a guilty plea to the reduced charge.
David W. Miller, 29, of Shelbina, the driver of the Blazer, received a concussion and a bleed behind his eye, according to the family. Rickie J. Miller, 28, David’s brother, was in the front passenger seat at the time of impact. He also received a concussion, and burns from contact with gasoline. He was airlifted to Columbia. Amanda Cullen, 24, who was in the back seat, received a head injury, which required staples. The family said she was airlifted from HRH to Columbia for treatment.
Cassie McLaughlin of New London, a passenger in a white SUV parked along the north side of the Aldi’s parking lot, saw the accident.
“I heard a boom, boom, boom and a black truck flew in the air and hit us. Our car was on fire. We got out and ran away. I looked back and saw a mess,” she said.  “I saw the Blazer rolling; its whole front was mangled in,” she said.
 The parked white SUV is owned by Andrea See, who was in the driver’s seat. Her daughter, Miya, was in the back seat. They did not suffer from any noticeable injuries.
 A black SUV, owned by Carl and Joyce McArthur, was parked just to the west of See’s vehicle. She was leaving Aldi’s when the accident occurred. “I came out and started to walk to the car and saw what had happened,” she said.
Other property damaged included:
• Two street signs and a fire hydrant, property of the city of Hannibal;
• Construction steel beams owned by C. Juengel Company, Breese, Ill.;
• OATS bus, a 2011 Ford Model F350, which was driven by Judith Richardson; and
• 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, owned by Chandler J. Bien, Hannibal.
One witness told police that the truck Majors was driving went airborne for some distance.
Another witness stated that he was driving in front of the Majors vehicle and saw it airborne coming at him, and he had to speed up to keep from being struck.
Assisting at the scene were the Hannibal Police Department, Hannibal Fire Department, Marion County Ambulance, Missouri Highway Patrol and the Hannibal Street Department.