The Hannibal Art Club presented awards to winners of its annual ORiGINALE show and competition on Friday, Sept. 28, at the Hannibal Arts Council, where the exhibit will continue until Nov. 9.

The Hannibal Art Club presented awards to winners of its annual ORiGINALE show and competition on Friday, Sept. 28, at the Hannibal Arts Council, where the exhibit will continue until Nov. 9.
An oil painting of her granddaughter, Evelyn Kerr, titled  “Morning Light,” won Cyndi Taylor the HNB/Dorothy Weaver Memorial Best in Show Award in the professional division.
Contest judge Patricia Cotter Kreps commented that Taylor made “beautiful use of light and pattern in this ‘quiet’ portrait.” Kreps, of Kirksville, Mo., has taught at the University of Missouri – Columbia, since 1998. “This is a great art show,” she said. “Each of the 106 pieces tells an interesting story. All of the artworks have merit and value. When judging art, my methodology is to look at form, process and content. Basically, I consider the way the artwork is organized, the way the work is crafted and the way the artwork conveys meaning.”
Several families of the artists attended the reception on Friday. One artist’s daughter was having an especially fun evening. Sydney Zimmerman, 6, was telling the people admiring a painting by her dad, James, “that is me!”
As the artists discussed the inspiration for their work, Brenda Benson explained her picture of swirls of cut paper. The triangles represent people moving upward, she said, the circles are for “people persons.” The squiggles? They represent people who ”like to be different.”
Marghie Young’s picture, “The Hidaway,” was her grandson’s tree house, but some think it is a deer stand, she said.
Additional winners in the professional division were:
• Debra K. Scoggin/Myers - “Plethora of Irises” (Watercolor) - Painting It Pink Achievement Award. Kreps said she made “beautiful use of color and light in this ‘lively’ watercolor.”
• Karen Crow - “Minard Castle” (Watercolor) - Aaron Gregonis Merit Award. Crow later pointed out various parts of the picture of an Irish countryside, showing where her husband, Tom, played as a child. Crow, now of Paris, Mo., lived in Ireland for six years.
• Bill Yates - “Doggeral Daze” (Acrylic) - Dorothy Lee Marshall Memorial Merit Award.
• Brenda Benson - “All That Glitters” (Mixed Media Collage) - Blanche Mudd Merit Award. Kreps said “the collage vibrates with light and bling.”
• Brenda Beck Fisher - “Wood Storks and White Egrets” (Watercolor) - GRWS Watermedia Merit Award.
• Keith Andrew - “Bad Dog” (Mixed Media) - Artique Frame Palette Merit Award, a “pattern painted with ambiguous references,” the judge said.
.• Pat Kerns - “Shades of Summer” (Pastel) - Mark Twain Book & Gift Shop and Steven Viorel Merit Award. Kreps said this had “beautiful pastel technique and wonderful sense of space.”
• Honorable Mentions were won by Joe Conover – “Old Cloth” (Collage/Found Objects), Marghie Young “Moonlight Visitors” (Mixed Media), Eben Fisher “Mariendo” (Watercolor/Ink), Robert Lee Mejer “Variant: Shapes, Shadows & Spaces” (Watercolor), Cindy Logan “Light on Mississippi” (Pastel) and Jason Mejer “Extragalactic Zilla” (Mixed Media on Paper).

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Winners in the non-professional division were:
.• Taylor Lay’s pastel, “Up Close and Personal” - Brent Jacobson Memorial Best in Show Award. Kreps said this picture is “funny – nice use of space – beautiful pastel technique.”
• Daniel Phillips - “Ballerina” (Pencil) - Gaines/Barrick Achievement Award. Kreps’ comment was “beautiful drawing technique.”
• Dennis Babbit - “Storm Over Red Rock Desert” (Watercolor) - Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bukstein Merit Award.
• Kathy Kroeger - “Marie’s Garden” (Fabric) - Doris O. Ahrens Memorial Merit Award. The judge said, “embroidery and quilting works work well together – very intricate.” After receiving her award, Kroeger said “I’m thrilled!” and noted that her picture represented her “Grandma Marie’s garden.”
• Mike Sohn - “Top Shelf” (Sculpture) - Fiddlestiks Merit Award. His “assemblage of bottles of colorful woods creates an interesting tableaux,” said Kreps.
• Kenny Anderson - “Chief” (Sculpture) - Native American Trading Company Merit Award. Several people at the reception agreed with Kreps that “this sculpture has great personality.”
• Robin Johnson - “Later Gator” (Acrylic) - Mary Ann Viorel Merit Award, described by the judge as a painting that “takes on a photographic realism look.”
• Linda Hinds - “Bountiful Harvest” (Pastel) - James O’Donnell Funeral Home and Ralph Brinkley Jr. Memorial Merit Award. Kreps called it an “interesting use of shallow space combined with beautiful pastel drawing technique.”
Honorable mention awards were won by Martha Mudd Adrian - “Untitled” (Mixed Media), Mary Beth Baudendistel “Deep Thoughts” (Pastel), Barbara Snodgrass “Hasty Exit” (Watercolor), Amber Smith “Snowy Gardens” (Acrylic), Mary Ann Brinkley “Matching the Hatch (Watercolor) and Kay Sutherland “Manny” (Pastel).

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