I'm going to start over?

So I really want this new workout program.  My best friend Laura flew up from Oklahoma two weeks ago and we worked out together.  It was awesome!! she really pushed me to go harder and I wish she was around all the time so we could workout together all the time.  My husband said I can't buy another workout program until I complete all the ones in the house, so I'm going to try harder.

This week I'm doing a detox.  My friend Lauren (not to be confused with my friend Laura or my sister Lauren) is part of a program and she is assuring me I can do it.  The first week is detox week and I start on Wednesday.  The thing is, detox week includes eating only vegetables and three servising of fruit for a week. ONLY VEGETABLES.... I DO NOT EAT VEGETABLES.  You can't have corn, potatoes, or sweet potatoes and the vegetables have to be raw, steamed, grilled or broiled, not frozen or from a can.  I love green beans, but they have to be french cut from the can.  I'm not sure how I'll live through the week, but Lauren said if you can get through detox week, you can make it through anything.

The encouraging thing is that my husband said he will go about this with me.  He'll eat what I make and won't try to entice me with things like pizza and pasta.  So..pray that I make it out alive.  I'll update you as the week goes on and let you know how it all works out.