Even with the best intentions, sometimes things go wrong.

  It looked like a perfect home for Benji, except it did not include his sister Dixie. The adopter, a very nice man, only wanted one dog to complete his family. So, on Monday afternoon Benji went to his furever home in Penn. On their first walk together the owner attached a telescoping leash to Benji's collar and off they went.  The gentleman accidently dropped the plastic handle and it  made a loud clatter on the pavement, startling Benji. Whether it was unfamiliar surroundings or increased anxiety due to being away from his sibling, we will never know. Benji took off with his owner in pursuit. The man walked all over town for hours searching for Benji but the little fellow had vanished. The following morning the search for Benji continued, even to the point of bringing Benji's sister along, with the hope that her scent or bark would entice Benji out of his hiding place. Posters have been put up at the Buckhorn Bar and around Penn. Residents have been asked to join the search. Notices have been posted on Facebook and Twitter, but so far  there is no sign of the dog. It's possible that he is trapped somewhere, tangled up in some old building, or perhaps he is on the way back home to his sister. Please help us find this little guy and restore him to his devastated family.