Five local children may be wearing their new crowns in Hannibal's Fourth of July parade at 10 a.m. Thursday.

Five local children may be wearing their new crowns in Hannibal's Fourth of July parade at 10 a.m. Thursday.
In addition to these new kings and queens, 15 babies won first-place awards at Hannibal's annual baby contest. Some of them may also be riding in the parade.
Both the baby contest and Junior Queen and Mr. Hannibal Pageant were Saturday morning, June 29, at Hannibal Middle School auditorium, where the picture-taking parents and grandparents were cooler than usual, with temperatures in the 80s.
Crystal Lain, a previous Miss Hannibal who helped coordinate this event, said the weather "was great because it made the babies so much more comfortable, and overall, created a more positive atmosphere."
Both contests are affiliated with the Miss Hannibal Pageant, with Barbara Stewart in charge.
The new queens and kings were:
• Little Miss Hannibal, age 7 and 8, first through fifth place respectively: Cahlin Chapman, Chloe Allen, Allie Hall, Kynlee Murphy and Bailey Brinkley
• Hannibal Pee Wee, ages 5 and 6: Hayleigh Smashey, Hailiee Dalton, Laikyn Smashey, Vanessa Conrad and Riley Zupan
• Hannibal Little Tot, ages 3 and 4: Koryn Miller, Carlee McCoy, Maryn McGuire and Millie Stewart
• Mr. Hannibal, ages 5 and 6: Payton Haynes, first; Reyes Martinez, second; and Andrew Koeber, third
• Little Mr. Hannibal, ages 3 and 4: Brayden Powell, first; and Kolten Powell, second
Some of the children in these events also competed in a talent contest, where they danced, sang, did gymnastics or played a guitar.
Winners were:
• Ages 3 and 4 - Koryn Miller, who danced
• Ages 5 and 6 - Hailiee Dalton, who sang
• Ages 7 and 8 - Kynlee Murphy, who did gymnastics
Several current queens were assisting with the contests. Among them were Miss Hannibal Hanna Runyon, Miss Mark Twain Maggie Rowland and Miss Hannibal Outstanding Teen Destiny Reed.

Baby contest winners

The baby contest was for children from birth to 35 months.
Five contests were for all age groups. The winners and their parents were:
• Girl who looks most like parent: Gwendolyn Emmite, Daniel and Sarah Emmite
• Boy who looks most like parent: Zakkary Martin, Jamie and Jenny Martin
• Best costume, boy: Eli Ryan, Jessica Morris and Themon Ryan
• Best costume, girl: Serenity Haynes, Gene and Megan Haynes
• Best decorated diaper - Tripp Thomure, Brent Thomure and Lindsey Morgan
First place winners by age division, and their parents were:
• 0 to 6 months, girl - London McKay, Sean and Deidra McKay
• 0 to 6 months, boy - Tripp Thomure, Brent Thomure and Lindsey Morgan
• 7 to 12 months, girl - Emma Ryan Lee, Ryan and Stevie Lee
• 7 to 12 months, boy - Jhett Shoemaker, Monica Shoemaker and James Lewis
• 13 to 18 months, girl - Ciara James, Charlie and Laikean James
• 13 to 18 months, boy - Ace Jones, Calvin and Angelicia Jones
• 19 to 24 months, girl - Jaelyn Peters, Alan and Heather Peters
• 19 to 24 months, boy - Eli Ryan, Jessica Morris and Themon Ryan
• 25 to 30 months, girl - Amelia Saxbury, Michael and Melanie Saxbury
• 25 to 30 months, boy - Isaiah Dillman, Ricky and Beth Dillman
• 31 to 35 months, girl - Chloe Johnson, Mikkah and Aaron Johnson
• 31 to 35 months, boy - Brady Klues, Jamie Sims and Randy Klues
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