Fifteen young artists will be honored at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, at the closing reception of the Young Masters Exhibit at the Hannibal Arts Council, 105 S. Main.

Fifteen young artists will be honored at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, at the closing reception of the Young Masters Exhibit at the Hannibal Arts Council, 105 S. Main. The public is invited to the reception, which will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Honorary hosts for the reception will be the HLGU Art Club.  The Young Masters Exhibit, which opened April 3, features the work of Hannibal’s fifth-graders, eighth-graders and high school students.
The George H. Riedel Private Foundation is providing the 15 $25 awards, which will go to five students from each group.
The Hannibal High School Art Department art instructors will present additional awards at their grade levels.
“Each art instructor was given a set number of pieces to be included in the exhibit, so the art instructors had the really tough job. We just got to show off the pieces,” said Michael Gaines, HAC executive director. “Young Masters is an opportunity to recognize student work, inspire and nurture the next generation of artists and support the arts instructors working hard to provide quality arts education in our schools.”
The fifth graders made sculptures of many types of fish, such as Caleb Allen’s eel, Kaylee Falconer’s ray, Josh Paubel’s tiger fish and Gillian Hark’s dog fish.
Other fifth-graders made pattern pictures of their hands, and models of a Frank Lloyd Wright House. Some made mobile sculptures offering advice, including Spencer Locke’s, which offered advice on each card.
Middle school students did modern art, using bright colors like Aspen Ott’s red design.
Others, including Jordyn Hamm, made yarn wall hangings. Some did drawings of animals, such as Lucas Cline’s penguin and Jordan Held’s lizard.
Several types of pictures were created by the high school teens, such as Ashley Cummins’ drawing of an old-fashioned lantern and oil can. Abbey Jeffries painted one of the largest picture in the exhibit, showing a girl’s face.
Some pen and ink drawings by high school students featured animals, including Kale Flaspohler’s lion and Beth Libey’s wolf. Lonnesha White drew a  man’s head.
Some three-dimensional arts were made from the base of a shoe or boot, such as Holly Mueller’s back boot with green trees growing out of it. A head sculpture was created by Caitlin Powell, and Cassadie Krigbaum made a puppet and also an apple.
Gaines explained that, “in the past several years, the HAC has had two Young Masters exhibits. ... Our gallery committee decided to combine them into one this year, something we will keep doing. Having them combined allows us to feature the best of the best in student work in Hannibal’s public and parochial schools at one time.
“The students’ work is not only a testament to student talent and skill, but also a reflection of the great art instructors who work hard to expose the students to the arts,” Gaines added.
Participating art instructors are: Tara Jacobs (Veterans), Cassie Sullivan (Mark Twain), Amber Barron (Oakwood), Michele Dent (Eugene Field), Stephen Schisler (Stowell), Shelly Lowe (Holy Family), Sarah Courtney (HMS) and Susan Friesen, James Zimmerman and Christina Strode (HHS). For more information about HAC programs contact the Hannibal Arts Council at, (573-) 221-6545 or see the website,
A Seen on Scene photo gallery of the student’s art will be posted on