Sometimes it's not about starting over, just picking up where you left off.

Holy Cow has it been a long time.  We have been so busy between school, work, selling and buying a house, hanging out with Corbin, and still fitting workouts in that I feel like I'm barely moving forward in life.  In fact, as I'm writing this, all I can think about is how great my bed is going to feel as soon as I get to lay in it.

Training for the 5k has been going ok.  I'm running about every other day, but now that the weather is amazing(for a few days anyway) I'm going to pick it up. 

I think I may start struggling with my weight training.  The gym is gracious enough to offer a gym for the kids while the parents workout.  However, that gym closes for the summer starting next Tuesday.  If I want to go to Body Pump, I'll have to go at 5:45am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in noway, shape, or form a morning person.  I also feel that my life is so busy that going to bed before midnight is nearly impossible.  But I'm going to try.  Going to Body Pump and being in a class with other people gives me so much motivation to keep going.  The first day I'm going to try is next Thursday!! 

I plan on blogging again on Monday, my last day of Body Pump.  I'll also talk about some eating habits I have and ask for your help.