Jeff Reed is the producer of Focal Point on the American Family Radio.  He and his wife attended the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C in January, just days after the inauguration.   They attended a Students for Life youth rally that overflowed with young people.  The day of the march, 650,000 people were there in support of the Right of unborn babies to live.  Led by men and women personally affected by abortion to the steps of the Supreme Court, 2 hours of testimony was given of regret, redemption, and forgiveness from real-life experiences.  The liberal media did not cover one minute of this march.  However, the next day a crowd gathered near the Washington Monument to support gun control.  The media reports said “thousands” of people attended this gun control rally when in fact only 800 people - a generous count - were there. Jeff and his colleagues counted several times, and always came up between 600 and 800.  Not quite the “thousands” the media appeared to show on their coverage.  We know for sure where the alphabet news agencies stand on abortion, just as we know that what they show us is not always the truth.  It rarely is.  I believe a legitimate question arises: What really happened at Sandy Hook?

Myron Blaine