Real estate


The following real estate transfers were recently recorded in Marion County.

Federal National Mortgage Association,, by POA, Fannie Mae, a/k/a, By POA, Millsap and Singer, LLC, as POA, to Jeffrey S. and Anna L. Thomas, Sproul and Anderson’s Subdivision, Lot 5.

Donald E. and Deborah R. Hymers, to Leland Carson, Richmonds Addition, Block 2, Lots 1 and 3, 2101 Chestnut, Hannibal.

John G. Cooper and John J. Yasenko to Hannibal Jaycees, Block 14, Lots 6, 7 and 8, 200 S. Third, Hannibal, Mo.

Robert M. Chriscinske, trustee of the Robert M. Chriscinske Trust, to Elizabeth Koenig, Survivors Trust, Oak Ridge Pond Subdivision, Lots 10, 13 and 14.

Donald D. and Teresa Bemis to Pauline E. Wilson, Section 9, Township 58, Range 7 SESW.

Jane A. Oyabu, too Jane A. Oyabu and Jerry M. Oyabu, Trustees, The Meadows, Lot 46.

Gard Farm West LLC to Stephen L. Foster, Section 29, Township 59, Range 8 NW, Section 30, Township 59, Range 8 NESE.

Mark A. Goldinger and Renee L. Goldinger, to Todd W. and Maggie M. Goldinger, Section 31, Township 58, Range 5NW.

Jerry and Ilze K. Shear, to CB Keller, Trustee, and Caroline L. Keller, trustee, Section 2, Township 57, Range 6.

Daniel J. and Jennie L. Hirner, to Debra Kay Gordon, Palmyra Block 19, Lot 6.

John William Brown to Taylor Properties of Missouri LLC, Shields and Cousins Subdivision, Block 3, Lot 7.

Larry Dee Johnson to Thomas E. and Maurine Johnson, Sloans Addition, Block 5, Lot 1.

Great River Account Services Inc., to Heimer Construction Co., Inc., Section 24, Township 56, Range 6 SW.

Donna Lucki to Phillip D. Scott, Elzeas Addition, Block  12, Lot 4, Elzeas Addition, Block 13, Lot 2, an undivided 1/3 interest in.

Charles M. and Janie M. McAfee to George L. Kells, Elzeas Addition, Block 6, Lot 1, 1601 Robinson, Hannibal.

Shelby L. Feigenspan and Melissa R. Feigenspan to Monica Budd, Eleven Point Development Subdivision, Lot 28.

Jerry Shear and Ilze K. Shear to John H. and Angie Poppe, Charles B. Keller Jr., and Robbin Ann Keller, Section 1, Township 57, Range 6 NW, Section 2, Township 57, Range 6 NE.

Amber G. King to Christy Clay King, Anderson, Paul Subdivision, Lot 13, Out lot 89, Section 29, Township 57, Range 4 NENE.

Shane A. and Jeanne Viorel McClelland, to Roger Reynolds, McClelland Subdivision, Lot 3.

Dorothy N. .Oswalt to Scott Andrew and Coley Haycraft, Section 32, Township 57, Range 5, Section 33, Township 57, Range 5 NW.

Russell L. Gupton to Paul L. and Josie L Johnson, Fairview Addition, Block 1, Lots 12, 14, 16 and 18, 1850 Crescent Street, Hannibal.

CF Industries Inc., to CF Industries Sales LLC, Section 10, Township 58, Range 5 NE and 5 NW, and Section 3, Township 58, Range 5 SE and 5 SW.

Jonathan S. and Tracy Thomure, to Kevin L. and Brandi D. Lionberger, Park Place Addition, Block 2, Lot 4.

William E. Rice to Richard H. Niemann Jr., Section 30, Township 57, Range 7, NESW.

James E. and Linda L. Crook, to Justin M. and Lori A. Byers, Section 11, Township 58, Range 8 NWSW.

Adam G. and Tessa R. Oswald, trustees, to Carl L. and Della M. Clark, Forest Parks Estates Subdivision, Lot 8.

Joseph D. Valbracht, Trustee, Michael A. Coons, Farm Trust, to Mike and Donna LLC, Section 5, Township 57, Range 5, SESE and SESW; Section 8, Township 57, Range 5 NE and 5 SE; Section 9, Township 57, Range 5 NE, 5 NW, 5 SE and 5 SW.

R. Harold and Janie S. Spalding, to Spalding Farms LLC, Section 27, Township 57, Range 8, SW SE; Section 33, Township 56, Range 8 NE; Section 33, Township 57, Range 8 NW; Section 33, Township 57, Range 8 SE; Section 34, Township 57, Range 8 NW NW; Section 34, Township 57, Range 8 NW SW.

John J. Garrelts to John Jay Garrelts, Oakland View Subdivision, Lot 32 and 33.

R. Shane and Linda Nicole Bowen, to Arron L. Bredemeyer, Section 6, Township 59, Range 7 SE NW.

Steven Erwin to Hevel Construction LLC, Hinds Fairgrounds, First Addition, Lot 16.

John D. and Sharon J. Aubuchon, to Jeffrey L. and Mary C. Noel, Huckleberry Heights, third amend, Unit 1-10 of Building 1.

Mark J. and Roseann E. Kilby, to Allen M. and Ambersue L. Cooley, Stillwell-Hayward Subdivision, Block 2, Lots 8 and 9.

Carl L. and Della M. Clark, to David M. and Jennifer L. Wright, trustees, Section 36, Township 59, Range 8, SW NW.

Maple Grove LLC, to Jonathan M. and Rhonda L. Barnes, Riverview Addition, Lot 11 and 6.

Jason M. Walton and Marsha A. Walton, to Priscilla C. Deal, Indian Mount Investment Co., Section Subdivision, Block 4, Lots 28 and 29.

Four Neighbors LLC, to Wen Hong Hsu, Hannibal Block 6, Lot 8.

Theodore and Suzanne M. Dau, to Jason M. and Marsha  Walton, Riverview Addition, Lots 8 and 13.

George T. and Lorie J. Fantz, to James T. and Abby Compton, Ross Addition, Block 72, Lots 7 and 8.

F&M Bank and Trust Co., to Manish V. Patel, Bowlings Subdivision, Also part of abandoned public alley,  Lots 1, 12, 13, 2, 3 and 4; Goochs Subdivision, Lots 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Barbara J. Lake to Joseph J. and Christine M. Bogue, FKA Christine Coonen, Hillcreast Subdivision, Lot 3, 3 Hillcrest, Hannibal.