There is a lot of talk about family values these days. Remember, though, talk is cheap.

In my family, an adage to live by, was "A man is as good as his word."  

In this age of "spin," of "reframing," of advertising,  and of TV preachers, who can you believe?  Frank Luntz, the Republican spin master has been on TV and runs training sessions to teach how to (mis) lead the public by word choice.  "A rose is a rose by any other name..." is no longer true.

In Animal Farm, when the worker animals notice the pigs are eating all the apples, the pigs "explain" that they need the best and most food because they do the thinking.  Sounds a lot like the Wall Stree pigs, to me.  The pigs also claim that "Some animals are more equal than others."  More equal????  Impossible.  Equal is Equal.   But we see this non-sense every day with the priviledged classes: they take more and do less, and tell the world they "earned" everything they have and "deserve" the best.  But the ordinary workers will have to sacrifice and take cuts.  

We all need to watch and listen carefully: to what is on the air as "news" but is propaganda.  To what is sold to make us healthy, to save us, to improve our looks, to make life easier or safer or fun.  To make other people "love" us.

A man is as good as his word in everyday life, as well as in the commercial world.  How many women have been weeping on TV because they were taken for much money by some crook who sweet-talked them into a loan or even a marriage?  Flattery and sweet talk still work.  How many have donated to someone who made promises as "a man of God?"  How many have invested in get rich quick schemes?  If it sounds too good to be true, beware!

Remember Jimmie Swaggart, the TV preacher (not pastor) who had gold faucets, but later went to prison and wept "Ah have sinned!"  You bet he did---greed and lust with a prostiture!

Frank Luntz calls himself a consultant, some call them selves "pastors," some call themselves consultants, or psychics, or advisors or coaches of various sorts, but maybe the old fashioned term "shyster" is more accurate.  They blather on, but their word means nothing.

The Word of a Good Man is worth his Weight in Gold, but he likely has callouses on his hands instead of (your) gold in his accounts.  If he makes a promise, he follows through.  He is dependable and honest.  He will be there in the morning, and for years thereafter.  Those are the old-fashioned, true family values we can see and trust.