Boonville made it to a Super Bowl commercial . . . that is pretty cool, I think. In case you didn’t see it (which true confession, I didn’t see it on the Super Bowl, as I was more worried about the fate of the Crawley family on Downton Abbey, BUT I did see it and share it on Facebook). We so often take for granted what is in our backyard, primarily because it is always there, but the Superbowl Commercial should be a big reminder for us that we have some AMAZING stuff in our backyard!

Hopefully, winter will begin to break its icy hold on the area and we will be able to get out and enjoy the area. Macie is especially keen on warmer weather so she can continue her bird watching adventures. For Christmas she got fully outfitted with all the bird watching essentials (including auto focus binoculars). We have had plenty of practice right outside our windows thinks to the bird feeders on our porch, but Macie is eager to get out to rolling hills and have a “real experience.”

As for me, I am looking forward to my annual visit to Warm Springs Ranch- I can’t wait to check out that cute horse (yet to be named) that starred in the Super Bowl ad. The tour is really fun and never seems to get boring, no matter how many times I go- I am usually amazed by the commitment of those folks who accompany the traveling teams! Now that is a job! But of course, the babies nearly always steal the show, as a baby should.

Finally, Ryan and I both are looking forward to some warmer weather to get out on the trail and start bicycling again. Both girls got bikes for birthday/Christmas, so while we won’t be going out for any 10 mile rides, we are looking forward to getting the girls on some flat ground and pedaling. I think a little sisterly competition between these two will help the learning curve. . . but that remains to be seen.

Did I mention that Boonville was featured in a Super Bowl ad? And it was considered by many as one of the best- not bad for a little town in Missouri. What to you love about Boonville let us know because we need to start planning the 2014 ad now. Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville!