Evolution is still a theory based on unproven assumptions and is the religion of atheists and communists. It should not be presented to students as true, factual science.

Atheism is a philosophy based on opinions, and it can not be supported by any facts. The atheistic philosophy is presented in the theory of Darwinian Evolution.  It denies that there is a Creator and teaches that all of nature evolved on its own by accident over billions of years using spontaneous generation and natural selection.  According to the evolutionary theory there was no purposeful creation or planning, all things just occurred by chance, and everything came from nothing.  It is a big fairy tale that is not reasonable, and defies true science.  Nature is too complex, too complicated, too intricate, and too magnificent to be an accidental occurrence. It is logical to realize that there had to be a  Supreme Being, an Intelligent Designer, who is the great Creator God who purposefully  planned and made everything.  Atheistic Darwinian Evolution has been mixed in with true, logical, observable science since the 1960’s.  This fake science was borrowed from the atheistic Communist country formerly called the Soviet Union.  Public school science textbooks present the theory of Darwinian evolution as a fact right along with real scientific facts. However, many teachers explain to their students that Darwinian evolution is just a theory base upon unproven assumptions. 

Unfortunately many state universities teach the theory of evolution as a fact, which they defend as if it were their precious religion.   I have taken classes in state universities and have witnessed professors with knowing smiles refer to Christians as ignorant, backward, uneducated, and insane for praying to a deity that they believe does not exist.  These elitist educators believe they have been enlightened, and they mix their atheist opinions in with the material they are supposed to be teaching.  It is their goal to release students from what they think is the primitive mind set of Christians.  Those professors do not believe in God, the Bible, or Jesus Christ, and they deny the spiritual part of human beings.  It is their opinion that humans are simply higher evolved apes.  They do not believe in Heaven, or Hell, or Satan.  They claim that evil is just what man has defined it to be with their moral restrictions.  By indoctrinating young people with their atheistic philosophy, these teachers believe that they are enlightening them to higher thinking. Actually, they are promoting their faith based religion of atheism.  It takes a lot of faith to believe the ridiculous theories presented by Darwinian evolution.

As a teenage high school graduate, I attended a state funded college my freshmen year and endured atheistic Darwinian evolutionary indoctrination.  My professors taught atheistic philosophy in the biology, psychology, sociology, history, and literature classes.  I had a strong Christian background of faith and did not believe the false theories and philosophies that were mixed in with the material that was supposed to be taught. I argued, questioned, and objected to the alien material inserted in the curriculum. As a result, I endured ridicule, insults, and threats for daring to question the opinions of the instructors.  I withdrew from my biology class failing, because of my argumentative comments, and my refusal to put down the answers he wanted on tests. The other teachers were glad to see the back of my neck, too.  I enrolled in a fully accredited Christian college, where Darwinian evolution was taught as a theory, and not as a fact. Several of my peers, who remained in the state university, practiced wisdom in getting along with their teachers.  They realized that if they kept their mouths shut, and their opinions to themselves, that they could get good grades and graduate.  Unfortunately, many of my fellow students swallowed the theories as true and became indoctrinated.   As an adult, I have taken several graduate classes from state universities.  Nothing has changed over the years with the atheistic indoctrination of professors, and it has only grown stronger. Many of my friends and relatives can also testify to this fact. 

The religion of the atheist seems to be Darwinian Evolution in which they have great faith, but no observable facts.  However, it is taught as a fact in state university biology classes, although it is still a theory based on unproven assumptions.  The opinions and hypotheses of the evolutionists are considered to be unquestionable by the educational community that is in power.  Darwinian evolution has been taught for three generations in public school textbooks and state universities.  The indoctrination of young people since the 1960’s has made Darwinian evolution a sociably acceptable part of the science curriculum.  Atheistic Darwinian Evolution is mixed in with factual science in textbooks like arsenic with grain in rat poisoning.  The secular humanistic philosophy of our society supports Atheistic Darwinian Evolution, and it is the popular thought of those who consider themselves to be educated and enlightened.  Fortunately, many local teachers in elementary schools and high schools present Darwinian evolution as a theory that they are required to teach.  They do not teach the theory as a fact that man evolved from an ape. They do not teach the theory that all of nature is the result of accidental formation over billions of years as factual. 

Unfortunately, most textbooks do not use the word theory, and they present Atheistic Darwinian evolution as fact.  They use words like hypotheses instead of theories to present their information, because it sounds scientific.  However, hypotheses are just opinions based upon assumptions and theories, but that is not explained to students in the textbooks.  Fortunately, local school districts have an elected school board, and many of them would object to Atheistic Darwinian Evolution being taught to the students as factual. Unfortunately, state universities do not have the benefit of a locally elected school board, and the atheists are free to teach their opinions in the classroom.  It is a very sad fact that impressive young minds are subjected to this indoctrination, and that over half of Christian students drop out of church with doubts about their faith in God.  Atheists have to prey upon unprepared young people to promote their religion of Atheistic Darwinian Evolution. 

Is there scientific evidence that man evolved from an ape ancestor?  No, but it is commonly accepted as a fact.  There are no transitional fossils from ape to man.  All the missing links have been proven to be hoaxes.  Today textbooks have resorted to artist’s drawings of ape men, and theorized evolutionary charts. They also have some old skulls and bones of extinct African apes that they call Australopithecine.  They believe these ape bones were going to become missing links, and their offspring would morph into humans.  However, they have no proof.  They theorize that the apes walked upright and had primitive tools, but they have no observable scientific evidence to support their theory. Their presentations are all based on hypotheses, unproven assumptions, and theories.  None the less, the text books present the information as factual. 

The fact is that apes and humans are of a completely different species.  They cannot mate and produce young.  It is not observable or recorded in history that an ape ever gave birth to a human. That is why the theory of millions and billions of years of evolution was invented.   If the theory of evolution is not observable today, then it must have happened slowly over a long period of time according to Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists.  To validate their theory, they came up with the Geologic Time Column.  There are 25 places in the world that are supposed to show the theorized column.  However, all of these places have misplaced fossils of other eras in each layer, and there are no transitional fossils of ape to man, or reptile to bird, etc. The layers actually demonstrate the settling of sediment after a flood.  The heaviest fossilized animals settled first. There are fossilized trees going up through several supposed layers of eras of millions of years.  This is observable evidence of a flood.  Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists classify such facts as anomalies and shelve them, because they do not support their theory.  The factual information is banned from most textbooks, because it is in conflict with Atheistic Darwinian Evolution.

There are scientists who are challenging Atheistic Darwinian Evolution.  They are Intelligent Design scientists. These rebel scientists recognize that DNA, the cell, the atom, the universe, and all of nature is too complex to have accidentally formed by random chance or spontaneous generation.  They recognize that the formation of all nature is purposeful and must have had an Intelligent Designer.  They refer to the one who masterminded the construction of all things - the Intelligent Designer – not God, or the Creator, or Yahweh, or Jehovah, or Lord, or Jesus Christ.  Most of them have not been converted to Christianity or Judaism.  They do not worship the Intelligent Designer, nor have they established churches. These scientists have just broken away from the theory of Atheistic Darwinian Evolution, and the belief that everything in nature just accidentally occurred.

The controlling Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionary Science community has accused the questioning scientists as being traitors.  They have called them the most insulting name they know - Creationists.  However, the Intelligent Design Scientists are not Creationists.  Creationists are Christians and Jews who believe in the Creator God of the Holy Scriptures. Even though the Intelligent Design scientists are not Creationists, they are being persecuted, and many of them have lost their jobs.  Their reputations have been slandered, and their careers ruined.  Ben Stein made a documentary film about this in 2008, and exposed the tyrannical rule of the Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists in the scientific community.  It is titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”  The film exposes the persecution of scientists who try to exercise their right of freedom of speech.

There is plenty of factual, observable science to fill a science book.  Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionary theories should not be mixed in with true science.  There is no evidence for the evolutionary theory that life sprang from rain on rocks billions of years ago.  It is illogical to believe that life came from non life, like a rock.  There is no proof that primitive cells springing from rocks lived in primordial soup. The primitive cells were supposed to have morphed into fish. The fish were supposed to have morphed into amphibians The amphibians were supposed to have morphed into reptiles.  The reptiles were supposed to have morphed into birds and mammals. The apes were supposed to have morphed into humans.  It is unobservable today, and has never been recorded in history that different species morph into other species.  Also, different species cannot even crossbreed. Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists teach that hybrids and mutations demonstrate the Theory of Evolution, but they don’t.  Fruit flies can be nuked into mutated flies that have no legs, multiple legs, no wings, or multiple wings.  However, they are still fruit flies.  They have not become mammals, birds, or reptiles.  Fish and reptiles cannot be cross bred.  Insects and mammals cannot be cross bred. Grain can be made to produce hybrid grain, but it is still grain.  It cannot be crossed with a tree.  Trees can be crossed with other trees, because they are the same specie.  Cats can be cross bred with other cats.  Dogs can be cross bred with other dogs.  Cattle can be cross bred with other cattle.  However, cats and dogs cannot be cross bred.  Cows and cats cannot be cross bred.  Humans and apes cannot be cross bred.  They are all different species.  It is true science that there are variations of species, and mutations.  However, this does not demonstrate Darwinian evolution that teaches one specie evolved into another specie.  So, why do Darwinian Evolutionists think that apes evolved into humans?  They don’t have any proof or observable evidence.  Thus, their theory is not scientific.  Why is their theory in textbooks and mixed with true science?  The answer is, because they have indoctrinated our society for generations, and their theory is a socially accepted concept today.  This needs to be remedied by recognizing Darwinian evolution as indoctrination and by removing it from factual, observable science. 

The theory of Darwinian Evolution has become a religion.  It’s concepts are based upon faith in unproven assumptions.  The assumptions have become fantastic stories about the formation of nature.  The stories are backed up by artist’s drawings of ape men, and displayed figures of ape men.  Imaginative charts have been invented in an attempt to prove the theories.  The religion of evolution is protected by priests disguised as teachers, instructors, scientists, and professors.  Those who question or oppose their religion are persecuted, fired, and ridiculed.  The religion of Darwinian Evolution was invented over 150 years ago, and is based upon assumptions, theories, hypotheses, and opinions.  The religion of Christianity came into being 2,000 years ago, and is based upon eyewitness testimonies of the life of Jesus Christ, written in books by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Darwinian evolution is a popular fairy tale, with no observable evidence.  However, Christianity is a true account of Christ’s life with observable evidence, recorded in books by 4 eyewitnesses over 2,000 years ago.  It only takes 3 eyewitnesses to testify in court and validate an event, and Christianity has 4 eyewitnesses that documented observable, factual events in each of their books.  So, why do Christian people allow their youth to be indoctrinated with false information in educational institutions?