I thought I'd post this before getting to my next book. Not too long ago I heard on National Public Radio, (NPR) that the book A Wrinkle in Time turned 50 last March. All Things Considered is a weekly news program that runs for about two hours a day (one hour on the weekends) on NPR. On this particular segment L'Engle's granddaughter, Charlotte Jones Voiklis, talked about all the her grandmother had getting the book published

Publishers had trouble figuring out what the book was about. There were elements of science and religion as well as mathematics and physics that to some seemed too adult for kids. But L’Engle pushed on and wouldn’t change any of her work. What really struck me was when her granddaughter said that L’Engles intention was not to get kids to understand these grand ideas, but to make them curious about them. It was to get them interested enough to go out and seek the answers themselves. Kids not being the only ones, to this day I don’t completely understand all the concepts in the book. But that seed of inspiration and curiosity is the mark of a good book.

Anyway it’s a great little piece to read and the radio segment itself is only a little more than 8 minutes long. So check it out if you can!

Most information for this entry came from this article.