In the first year of its cross country program, Palmyra High School placed seventh overall in the boys’ race.
“It was a great step for us because this is our best finish so far this year,” Palmyra coach Nick Koetter said. “We were able to finish ahead of Clark County and Centralia (both conference and district teams) that we have had to compete against a number of times already this year. I think this will give us the momentum we need going forward into districts to make a big step for our program.”
The Panthers top runner was Taylor Leftwich. Leftwich finished 33rd with a time of 20:39.
“(Taylor Leftwich) came in about 30th,” Koetter said. “He ran just a little under what his time has been lately. I think this was a good test for him to get out there and run against some better competition and to run on the hills like we will see later on at districts and then at state.”
Riley Fee, Ryan Jones, Trevor Nierman and Austin Hiedbreder were the rest of the Palmyra team. Fee finished 39th with a time of 21:29 while Jones was 48th at 22:40. Nierman came in 51st at 22:47 and Hiedbreder was 55th at 23:15.
“The boys’ were not too bad,” Palmyra coach Nick Koetter said, “It was a little different than last week. We ran at Quincy High on Saturday and it very very fast times and very fast. So it was a little different from today.”
Palmyra has only two females on its team, and one of them was out sick on Thursday. That left Kenda Eberhardt as the only female runner for Palmyra. Eberhardt finished with a time of 31:07.
“I think for the most part, we have improved,” Koetter said. “We are a lot better than we were at the beginning of the year.”