Northeast Missouri voters won’t have quite as many local names to weed through when it comes to the Aug. 3 primary.

Northeast Missouri voters won’t have quite as many local names to weed through when it comes to the Aug. 3 primary.
   Only a few races developed as filing ended Tuesday. Several state and national contests also will appear on the ballot. Winners from each party will compete in the Nov. 2 general election.
   Following are the contested races and the names of the candidates by party in the order in which they appear on the ballot. Pike County reported no contested primary races. A full list for all parties is available at www. Incumbents are noted with an (I):

U.S. Senate
   Democrat: Francis Vangeli of Columbia, Robin Carnahan of St. Louis and Richard Tolbert of Kansas City.
   Republican: R.L. Praprotnik of St. Louis, James Schmidt of St. Charles, Hector Maldonado of Sullivan, Kristi Nichols of Kansas City, Roy Blunt of Springfield, Deborah Solomon of Independence, Davis Conway of St. Peters, Mike Vontz of Lake St. Louis, Chuck Purgason of Caulfield, Tony Laszacs of Waynesville and Ronald Beller of Kaiser.
   Incumbent Republican Christopher “Kit” Bond is not seeking re-election. There also are primary races in the Libertarian and Constitution parties.

Ninth Dist. U.S. Rep.
   *Republican: James Baker of St. Peters and Blaine Luetkemeyer (I) of St. Elizabeth.
   No Democrats filed, but there is a Libertarian Party primary.

Second Dist. U.S. Rep.
    *Republican: Elizabeth Lauber of St. Louis, Jeffrey Lowe of Wentzville, Todd Akin (I) of St. Louis and William Haas of St. Louis.

State Auditor
   *Democrat: Susan Montee (I) of Jefferson City and Abdul Akram of Kansas City.
   *Republican: Allen Icet of Chesterfield and Tom Schweich of St. Louis.

State Sen. Dist. 2
   *Republican: Scott Rupp (I) of Wentzville and Cynthia Davis of O’Fallon.

State Rep. Dist. 1
   *Republican: Craig Redmon of Monticello and Neill McKee of Kahoka. Incumbent Republican Brian Munzlinger is running for state senate.

State Rep. Dist. 10
   *Democrat: Linda Witte of Vandalia and Edwin Lockwood of Kingdom City. Incumbent Democrat Terry Witte is term-limited.
   *Republican: Jay Houghton of Martinsburg and Dudley Duke of Bowling Green.

State Rep. Dist. 11
   *Democrat: Steve Emert of Troy and Ed Schieffer (I) of Troy.

Marion County
   *Democrat Treasurer: Teya Stice of Palmyra, Joelle Fohey of Palmyra, Mike McLerren of Hannibal and Kindsey Redd of Palmyra. Incumbent Democrat Jean Buckman is not seeking re-election.

Ralls County
   *Democrat Presiding Commissioner: Gene Evans of Center and Donald Sapp of Center. Democrat incumbent George Lane is not seeking re-election.
   *Democrat Clerk: Ernie Duckworth (I) of Center and Vicki Harris of New London.
   *Democrat Treasurer: Jena Epperson (I) of New London and Janet Golian of Center.

Monroe County
   *Democrat Presiding Commissioner: Donald Simpson (I) of Paris and Mike Minor of Stoutsville.
   *Democrat Circuit Clerk: Heather Wheeler of Monroe City and Paula Delaney (I) of Madison.
   *Democrat Treasurer: Brandie Kinnaman of Paris, Lenice Dunlap of Santa Fe and Mary Lynn Powell of Paris. Incumbent Democrat Martha Cullifer is not seeking re-election.

Shelby County
   *Democrat Associate Circuit Judge: James McConnell of Shelbina, Mike Greenwell of Shelbina and Steven Raymond of Shelbina. Incumbent Democrat Gary Wallace is retiring.
   *Democrat Collector: John Chinn (I) of Shelbyville and Cathy Strachan of Shelbina.
   *Democrat Recorder: Audrey Buzzard (I) of Shelbina and Amy Presson of Shelbyville.

Lewis County
   *Republican Presiding Commissioner: Wayne Murphy Jr. of Williamstown and Dale Stice of Monticello.

Lincoln County
   *Democrat Presiding Commissioner: Jared Menne of Troy, Mike Jones of Troy and Tony Shramek of Hawk Point. Incumbent Democrat Sean O’Brien is not seeking re-elecdtion.
   *Republican Presiding Commissioner: Fred Layton of Troy, Dan Colbert of Moscow Mills and Thomas Gauldin of Troy.
   *Democrat Treasurer: Crystal Hall of Silex and Lee Thompson of Troy. Incumbent Democrat Betsy Calvin is not seeking re-election.
   *Democrat Prosecuting Attorney: John Richards (I) of Troy and Leah Askey of Troy.
   *Republican Auditor: Chad Simpson of Hawk Point, Deanna Colbert of Troy and Linda Neipert of Troy. Incumbent Democrat Jim Volmert is not seeking re-election.