Donald R. Sager, candidate for Hannibal's Third Ward council seat in the April 6, 2010, election, provided the following information to the Hannibal Courier-Post.

Q Would you consider putting a charter change issue on the August 2010 ballot, to let voters decide if all city departments should be placed under the supervisory umbrella of Hannibal’s city manager? Why or why not?

A Yes, All departments in order to work properly, must all be under the same rules and regulations. You cannot have each department making its own rules.

Q Do you agree with the statement: The role of a city council representative should be that of an administrator rather than a direct supervisor?
A Yes, it’s the responsibility of council members to plan and administer what is to be done. Then the direct supervisor will be in charge of how it is accomplished.

Q Please describe one instance when you stood up for your convictions and was able to sway opposition to your way of thinking.

A I was a block club captain in Logan Square, in a gang and drug infested area. At the time Illinois used small pieces of paper as temp tags. You had no way of identifying any of their cars since they all looked like detective cars. I, with the backing of our various block groups, was able to petition the state about our concerns and they agreed with us and changed temp tags to a plate size with large lettering. I am proud of that achievement. They still use them today.

Q Why do you consider yourself the best candidate to serve as Third Ward representative?

A I am retired and can and will devote all my time to the Third Ward.

Q Please explain any management experience pertinent to council responsibilities.

A I have been a sole owner of a maintenance company for approximately 30 years. I was in charge of everything from workers to payroll etc.

Q Why are you seeking a council position? What are your goals in office if elected?

A To make sure all people in the ward are represented, regardless of position or status. My goals for Hannibal are to see Hannibal work to bring affordable utility rates to the city. Also to preserve the historical value of the Third Ward. We should all have safe streets and sidewalks. We should enforce our codes toward rental properties especially those with absentee landlords. The city should not let landlords bleed everything out of a property so as to let it fall in disrepair. When you do, most of them just walk away and the city is stuck with the mess.


Meet the Third Ward
NAME: Donald R. Sagar
HOME ADDRESS: 807 Bird St.
JOB TITLE: Retired
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Was custodian for First Christian Church DOC, retiring in 2007.
HIGHEST EDUCATION LEVEL ATTAINED: Graduated from Stoneridge High School in New York City.
How long have you been a resident of Hannibal: Since 2001
Affiliations/Volunteerism Pertinent:
• Member of Friends of Historical Hannibal FOHH
• Member of Marion County Historical Society
• Member of Republican Club of Northeast Missouri
Republican committeeman for the Third Ward in Hannibal
• Former president of Landmarks of Northeast Missouri (in charge of preserving the old 1858 Palmyra jail)