Jack Moore, candidate for the Third Ward Hannibal city council race, provided the following information to the Courier-Post.

Q Would you consider putting a charter change issue on the August 2010 ballot, to let voters decide if all city departments should be placed under the supervisory umbrella of Hannibal’s City manager?  Why or Why not?

A I would consider it with restrictions. It makes sense to centralize management of all departments. Some oversight should continue to be exercised by the city council in some instances.  Putting all city departments under direct supervision of the city manager standardizes departmental expectations and development and gives continuity to the decision-making process.  Lawsuits have cost this city tens of thousands of dollars and the need to stem litigation is apparent.
Q Do you agree with the statement: The role of a city council representative should be that of an administrator rather than a direct supervisor?  Why or Why not?

A Administrative duties yes, similar to an administrative board rather than a group of people policing staff. The councilperson is the representative of his ward and should be an advocate for the people in his or respective ward. Transferring supervisory duties from the city council to an appointed paid city manager helps un-politicize decisions and gives the appearance of a non-political decision making entity.

Q Please describe one instance when you stood up for your convictions and were able to sway opposition to your way of thinking.

A Several years ago a company I was involved was convinced it should move its operations to a different city.  I helped convince management to continue operations locally saving that community over 100 jobs. I helped show them that employee interests and company interests were the same and problems could be resolved.

Q Why do you consider yourself the best candidate to serve as Third Ward representative?

 A I not only live in the Third Ward, I work in the Third Ward.  My business is located in the Third Ward. Because of the unique nature of my business, I can be available and accessible as a full time representative to answer questions and discuss business before the council on a daily basis. The Third Ward is a mix of lower to middle-income households that need and deserve equal representation. I will take into consideration all Third Ward residents before voting on any issue.  Safe neighborhoods will be a priority and as a councilperson, I will work with neighborhood watch groups or other organizations whose goals are safe streets. As a city councilperson, there would be no bigger fan of Historic Hannibal development and Hannibal Tourism than myself.

Q Please explain any management experience pertinent to council responsibilities.

A As an event promotion and management consultant, I have had to deal with everything unique to the event such as budgets, personnel, vendors, entertainers, logistics, time considerations and even weather. There was always a “crunch time.”
For 20 years, I was an employee’s advocate in my previous job situation. Keeping the workforce and management working together was my goal.

Q Why are you seeking a council position? What are your goals in office if elected?
A Because of my diverse interests in Hannibal, I want to share in the process of moving our city forward.  I share a vision with other residents about our quality of life here and we want to make it better.
My goals include drug free and safe streets, jobs that offer living wages, more small business start-ups, more minority owned businesses, making Hannibal a destination once again and continuation of the retail, residential and entertainment district downtown.


Meet the Third Ward
NAME: Jack Moore
HOME ADDRESS: 2415 Broadway
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Jack Moore Promotions
HIGHEST EDUCATION LEVEL ATTAINED: Three years at Quincy College (Quincy
How long have you been a resident of Hannibal: 8 years
Affiliations/Volunteerism Pertinent:
1. Downtown Historic Merchants Association
2. Mark Twain Museum Associate and volunteer
3. Hannibal Arts Council member
4. Marion County Historical Society member
5. United Marion County Democratic Club
6. Twain on Main A River Arts Festival Board member