Roy Que Ferrel, candidate for Hannibal's Third Ward council seat, supplied the following information to the Hannibal Courier-Post.

Q Would you consider putting a charter change issue on the August 2010 ballot, to let voters decide if all city departments should be placed under the supervisory umbrella of Hannibal’s City manager?  Why or Why not?

A I would be in favor of placing this issue on the ballet for voters to decide. Many times these boards consist of two or three individuals with limited experience or expertise in the field that they are to govern. We interview and hire a city manager because of his expertise in dealing with management issues. I feel the city manager would be the best person to supervise all city departments. This approach would also allow for critical issues and responses to be brought before the entire city council for review. This allows the city council to have ownership in the actions taken by the various departments of the city. 

Q Do you agree with the statement: The role of a city council representative should be that of an administrator rather than a direct supervisor?  Why or Why not?

A I agree to an extent, that representatives from the city council should serve the city in an administrative role. It is our responsibility to oversee the actions of the various departments of the city. We are here to advise the city and city manager of the various interests, concerns, and issues that are affecting the residents in our wards as well as the city residents as a whole. In return, we have to be able to convey and administer any decisions made. While I see the role of a city council representative as mostly administrative, I feel that it is still our duty to supervise those individuals that have reporting responsibilities to the council. Someone must continue to keep members of city government accountable to the residents of this community.  

Q Please describe one instance when you stood up for your convictions and were able to sway opposition to your way of thinking.

A As serving as a trustee on the American Legion board, many times various issues were brought before the board for discussion. Often, I would need to voice my opinion, whether in favor or opposing the issue. I would clearly and effectively state my rationale and many times have changed opinions based on those discussions. 

Q Why do you consider yourself the best candidate to sere as Third Ward representative?

A I have lived in the City of Hannibal for 64 years and have resided within the Third Ward for more than 30 years. I have also participated as a registered voter since 1975. Upon graduation from high school, I entered the U.S. Army and served in Europe and Vietnam before being honorably discharged. Recently, I retired from Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad, after more than 39 years of service. I have also served as the past commander of the American Legion Post 55 in Hannibal, Mo. I feel that in order to be a successful leader, you must demonstrate dedication and have an appreciation for the community in which you wish to serve. I have lived my entire life in this community and feel that I know the community’s history and have the expertise to represent the Third Ward. By living within the Third Ward for more than 30 years, I know what issues concern our citizens and will be a vocal advocate for acceptable change and advances that will not only help the City of Hannibal and the Third Ward residents, but all residents living within the City of Hannibal. Hannibal, Mo., is and always will be my home. I would be honored to represent the Third Ward constituents as the City of Hannibal endeavors to move forward into the future. 

Q Please explain any management experience pertinent to council responsibilities.

A In my 39 years of employment with Burlington Northern Railroad, I worked my way from entry level positions to a senior conductor. In doing so, I gained experience in managing how stress and critical situations. In my career, I was also offered the opportunity to become a training supervisor, responsible for training activities for the conductor positions. I strongly feel that because of the nature of the career I chose, I have learned how to handle myself with grace and dignity in various situations. It has also allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in managing a variety of responsibilities and would aid me in my role as a council member. 

Q Why are you seeking a council position?  What are your goals in office if elected?

A I have lived in the Third Ward for more than 30 years and have grown up in this city. Over time, I have seen the crime rate in this section of our community continue to increase. I have seen business and employment opportunities come and go. I have seen property values continue to decline in this ward. It is our responsibility to stop the decay of our community. Efforts have begun to turn these trends around. It is my goal to support the continuation of rental property inspections. By inspecting these properties, we are putting controls on property issues and assisting our police department in controlling crime issues, thus allowing for property values to rise. I also take personal interest in the various issues that surround the improvements in our city streets. As recorded in recent articles, much is being done to address these issues, but I feel that more can always be done to assist in this matter. I also strongly feel that industrial improvements and opportunities should be a key focal point in the coming year. For the stability of our community and the various wards that are served, job opportunities must be addressed. It would be an honor to serve as the Third Ward council representative.  

Meet the Third Ward candidate
NAME: Roy Que Ferrel
HOME ADDRESS: 1308 Grace St.
JOB TITLE: Retired
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad
HIGHEST EDUCATION LEVEL ATTAINED: High school with a two-year trade school degree in X-Ray Certification
Affiliations/Volunteerism Pertinent: American Legion, 35 years; American Legion, Post Commander - 1983; Flood volunteerism