A Maplewood couple expected to miss a midnight deadline to buy bankrupt Hannibal tourist attraction Rockcliffe Mansion.

A Maplewood couple expected to miss a midnight deadline to buy bankrupt Hannibal tourist attraction Rockcliffe Mansion.

Ken and Lisa Marks could not put together a financing plan to counter a $710, ooo off “We continue to move forward,” Lisa Marks said Wednesday night.

“We still feel like we have a reason to be here. We plan to keep Rockliffe open and share it with the public as long as we can.”

Estate trustee John S. Hodge had previously said he would recommend a bankruptcy judge approve the Gillettes’ offer Nov. 2 unless the Markses filed an objection that included a legitimate bid.

“We didn’t feel pressured to meet this deadline because we wanted to have a viable plan,” Lisa Marks said.

Despite  being unable to come up with a finncing plan, the Markses did not feel defeated.

“In real estate  until a property closes anything can happen,” Lisa Marks said.

“We will continue to try and put together a viable plan and try to be a part of Rockliffe’s future.”

The Gillettes have until Nov. 19 to complete an inspection of the property and back out of the deal should they choose.

The Markses have leased the home since September and the monthly agreement runs through Nov. 30, although it could be renewed until a closing takes place no later than Jan. 15.

The couple held a public rally at 5 p.m. Wednesday at Rockcliffe. The goal was to promote the idea of keeping the 13,500-square-foot home open as a tourist attraction.

A local Realtor Kristy Trevathan is the local real estate agent on the transaction. She said the Gillettes will have the roof inspected Monday and plan to visit the mansion soon.

“They’ve told me that the community will be pleased with what they plan to do to the house,” Trevathan said. “He’s [James Gillette] said ‘we want to do what’s best for the property,’” Trevathan said the Gillettes havce mentioned to her that it’s too early to know how much renovations will cost and have no been specific about how they’ll use the house. They don’t want to commit to anything until they know what it’s going to cost,” Trevathan said. “The numbers are what they’re gathering now.

The Markses have said they fear new owners will make it a private residence and not offer tours.

The Markses continue to give tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, with a special haunted experience through Oct. 31 and an extensive Christmas display that is scheduled to start Nov. 10.

The Markses have said that if they’re able to buy the mansion, they would make extensive renovations that would maintain Rockcliffe’s historic features.

Gillette has not been specific about his plans, but told a Hannibal Realtor that he also has renovations in mind.