Washington still doesn’t get it.



   Washington still doesn’t get it.

   The overwhelming majority of Americans are satisfied with their health care and don’t want the government to step in and call the shots.

   Yet, lawmakers are proceeding with plans that will force taxpayers to cough up more than a trillion dollars over the next decade and could very well destroy reputable private industries.

   Of the five bills approved by the House or Senate so far, four include the so-called “public option,” which is nothing more than stealing money from those who already are paying for health care and giving it to those who refuse to or can’t spend a dime when they get sick.

   Forget that such plans would likely close many hospitals, fine businesses if they didn’t cover their workers, cripple insurance companies and have cataclysmic consequences for the economy.

   The government can’t even stop the estimated $60 billion of fraud in Medicare. Can anyone seriously argue that bureaucrats will be able to run a multi-trillion dollar business after all of that?

   Legislators who represent West-Central Illinois long ago showed that they’ll put party before principle and another term before a tax break.

   Thankfully, Senators Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill and Representatives Blaine Luetkemeyer and Todd Akin have been more accommodating to the voices of taxpayers.

   We urge them to continue listening to constituents back home and ignore the Beltway rhetoric.

   This isn’t a tirade against the poor and it has absolutely nothing to do with race.

   Rather, it has everything to do with allowing democracy and the free market to reign instead of a socialistic, anti-capitalist view that penalizes hard work and rewards sloth.

   Legislators have a chance to stop this madness before any of these plans cause any real damage.

   Just remember, lawmakers, we’re watching more closely than ever.

   And if you don’t follow the majority opinion, we’ll make sure you don’t have a government-paid health plan the next time you’re up for election.