The issue: Progress on the new airport terminal is now being seen.

Our stance: We hope this will help get this important project off the ground.

The proposed new terminal at Hannibal Regional Airport has been a topic of discussion for months, if not years. But there comes a time when talk must give way to action, and we believe that mission has been accomplished.
It was recently determined that the new terminal will not exceed 2,500 square feet. While smaller than some had hoped, the size is satisfactory to the Missouri Department of Transportation Aviation Division whose funds will be used to pay for a major portion of the project.
Going with a smaller building will be more budget friendly. It also means that every square inch of the terminal will not come under tight scrutiny as to whether its primary use will be for aviation or some other function, such as economic development.
The big question now is what type of structure can be built with the funds available? We are hopeful that by going with a smaller building a greater focus can be put toward the new terminal’s exterior appearance than might have been had a bigger building been constructed.
Mark Rees, city engineer, told the Courier-Post recently that he is optimistic that the city will be able to construct a “nice facility that will be pleasing to the eye, with adequate space.” That objective has been accomplished at other airports in communities our size around the state, so why not here, too?
With the terminal’s size hurdle now having been cleared it means that this long-needed project can push forward. It’s the first step along a path of progress we hope to see at the airport in the not-too-distant future, which we hope includes additional hangar space and eventually an extended runway.