Courier-Post quotes.
Jan. 7, 2009- Chief Carter stated about former KHQA building: “To help keep renovation cost down, City workers are utilized as much as possible. ... The majority of the renovation is being done by firefighters.”
Sept. 23, 2009 - Mr. Louderman: “When firefighters pick up extra work, such as that at Station No. 3, it helps the department financially.”
Oct. 24, 2009 - Mr. Louderman: “Maybe Mr. DeLaPorte needs to read a little better. ... I never said firemen need to do work on City buildings, etc. ... I don’t intend, nor have I ever intended, to make a hard job even harder.”
Mr. Louderman, do I, as you put it, “need to read a little better,” or do you need to remember who said what?
My original question remains without discussion in our letters: Did the City save money having firefighters being contractors, or would the department have been better off financially allowing the fire department staff to be firemen? I’m sure it would have saved a lot of doctor and lawyer fees, and let’s not forget about the DNR litigation whenever that is resolved.

Dale DeLaPorte