Street repaving continuing in Hannibal

Barricades were ready for use on James Road in Hannibal, which received milling work and an asphalt overlay in 2018. The Hannibal Roadway Commission recommended streets to resurface to members of City Council for 2020.

HANNIBAL | Despite the fact that fiscal year 2020-21 is expected to be a lean one for the city of Hannibal, it has not put a damper on the street projects that have been planned.

“As of now, city finances have not impacted the street paving plan,” recently said Andy Dorian, the city's director of central services.

Street projects began this spring.

“In May we repaved several streets in the Grace Street area. Since then we have been focusing on HBPW (Hannibal Board of Public Works) saw cut repairs and some other smaller, damaged roads,” Dorian said.

Already receiving attention this spring and summer has been Grape Street and Clifford Street. Work is also planned on Ford Street, Taylor Street and in the El Rancho area.

Not all the work that has occurred has been the repaving of streets, according to Dorian. An emergency repair occurred on an alley between 35th Street and 36th Street where rock debris was being left in nearby streets and driveways when it rained.

Additional street projects that are planned will be announced sometime in August, Dorian said. Exactly how many more streets will be repaved or receive some other type of attention is not known at this point.

“It all comes down to money,” he said. “Some of these won't get done this year, but hopefully we can knock a big chunk out. What we don't get done we will get done the following year.”

The list of streets that are being worked on this year is based on recommendations which were submitted to the Hannibal Roadway Improvement Commission by members of the city council.

Cost estimates for those streets were then compiled. Those figures were then utilized to help determine the list of streets to receive attention initially.

In addition to city streets, work is also planned on two heavily traveled park roads.

“We also still have paving to do in Riverview Park and Huckleberry Park,” said Dorian, noting that the money covering those projects will come from the Park Fund.





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