Sense of family strong as ever at service station

HANNIBAL — A family-owned business is entering a new phase after nearly two decades, as Boland Quality Maintenance and Tire Center becomes Great River Tire and Auto.

Manager Tony Terrill and his wife, Gail, joined new managers Brett and Karlee Neisen for a family celebration as the 18-year fixture on McMasters Ave. changed ownership on Friday, Aug. 30. The Boland family is retiring from the service station, and the two families enjoyed the chance to celebrate together as they looked toward the future.

“It was really awesome,” Gail Terrill said. “To have your kids all show up and be there for you and celebrate with you, is something pretty special.”

She commended her daughter-in-law, Rhiannon, for organizing the surprise gathering that brought grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren together to celebrate.

Brett Neisen said the family business will build upon the history started in 1973, when his grandfather, Steve Bowdish, opened the doors to the Muffler Shop. His son, Brent Bowdish, along with Ron Neisen, purchased Safety Lane from Jim and Patty Light after 43 years of business. The family was eager when they heard the news that the Boland and Terrill families planned to sell Boland Quality Maintenance and Tire Center.

“Brett was just excited,” she said. “So I went from being a stay-at-home mom to helping Brett in the office. We're pretty excited to be let loose with our own little business — and see how we can do things in correlation with the standards of the Muffler Shop.”

The Terrills and the Neisens will continue to keep family close during daily business. Gail Terrill said her husband is not fully retiring just yet — he will soon join his son at Shad Terrill Construction.

“We're pretty excited about it,” she said.

And Karlee Neisen is eager for her sons to experience the aspects of automotive repair and maintenance like their father, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather did.

“We have a two-year-old (Warden) and a four-year-old little boy (Merle),” Neisen said. “We're excited for them to grow up in the shop.”

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