OPINION: 'Friendly subpoena' out of line

Dear Editor,

President Donald Trump is taking a principled stand against congressional overreach, refusing to allow Democrats to use Congress as a taxpayer-funded opposition research firm for 2020.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his two-year investigation, finding that there was no Russia “collusion” and bringing no obstruction of justice charge. But now, House Democrats have shifted their own version of the discredited partisan witch hunt into full gear.

They have issued a flurry of subpoenas demanding a wide range of information, including testimony from former senior administration officials and 10 years of Donald Trump's personal financial information.

Democrats disingenuously claim to be exercising oversight. But it's clear they're just trying to keep debunked conspiracy theories alive.

Their “friendly subpoena” for personal financial records dating back to well before Trump was president is out of line, as there is no “legitimate legislative purpose” behind the request. It's purely political. Congressional Democrats are not the IRS, and they don't seem to have any evidence that a crime was committed. They're just trying to dig through a private citizen's confidential records in hopes of finding dirt.

Subpoenas demanding testimony from current and former administration officials are similarly baseless.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler claims Trump waived executive privilege by allowing Mueller's investigators unrestricted access to his associates and cannot change his mind now that Congress wants to interrogate the same subjects. One of those subjects, former White House counsel Don McGahn already spoke with Mueller's team for 30 hours!

The special consel's office is a unit of the Department of Justice, an executive branch agency, and therefore, the president never waived executive privilege with respect to Congress.

House Democrats are now going to spend what is left of Trump's presidency harassing him, instead of passing needed legislation for the good of us all. They will lose the House in 2020, so we can forget about anything good coming out of there until 2021.

If the IRS is good with Trump's tax returns, then they are good by me. These records are irrelevant with regard to how he runs the country, and that what I care about, not how much he paid in taxes in 2011. They wonder how Trump won; it's simple, they can't offer a better alternative.

Jess Ornelas


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