Jan. 22, 2019 marks the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, that legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. I invite you to attend a pro-life prayer service on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 11:15 a.m. at Holy Family Church. In addition to praying for the unborn and for an end to abortion, we will pray for those involved in the abortion industry, the elderly, for those who have been adopted, those waiting to be adopted and for a renewed respect for human life.

Ever since this Roe v. Wade our country has become deeply divided. I recently witnessed a video of a young pro-life woman carrying a pro-life sign on a college campus who was viciously attacked by a pro-choice woman who didn’t want her on campus. Instead of our college campuses being bastions of civility and free speech, they have now become battlegrounds where people attack you if they don’t like what you believe in or because you hurt their sensibilities.

Since 1973 over 50 million babies in America alone have been lost to legalized abortion, roughly 1,800 per day. These are the surgical abortions only. Pharmacists for Life organization estimates that there have been approximately 250 million babies aborted chemically since 1973 in the USAhttp://www.pfli.org/ . Planned Parenthood is opening more web-cam clinics (for chemical abortions). This is where you meet with a doctor via webcam, he/she approves your abortion; a drawer opens up and there are your pills to abort your baby in the convenience of your own apartment or home. How sad for a great nation like ours that we would kill our children when there are over 2 million couples waiting to adopt — and that includes children of all races and those with special needs.

On Jan. 18, the world’s largest Pro-life March will take place in Washington D.C. The March will get very little coverage by the news networks; yet thousands of people, young and old, will come and brave the cold to show their support for the unborn. If last year is any indication, the Women’s March, which follows on the heels of the Pro-life March, will get abundant coverage. I hope you will consider joining us for the prayer service on Sunday, Jan. 20.


Geri Graves


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