In the time that I have known John Paul Tomko I have found him to be a dedicated social activist and caregiver to his family. Tomko has given much of his time to local causes like Victory Over Hunger Gardens, Hospital Chaplaincy, and City of Hannibal issues like the Save Our Marina group as well as the fight for safe drinking water from the HBPW.

Tomko has a great deal of experience within the medical field not just in hospital chaplaincy, but from direct experiences within cardiac transplant and renal failure. His father, Paul Tomko, is a two time heart-transplant patient. His mother, Jan Tomko, suffered a massive stroke that caused kidney failure and was treated at University of Missouri Columbia. He has direct experience with colostomy patients, organ transplant patients, and dialysis patients. He knows the need for specialists in our area as well as quality home healthcare workers. He has worked directly with agencies like Clarity Healthcare, Northeast Independent Living Services, and Help At Home. He knows what needs improving, and he has experienced people in the field advising him.

He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Christian minister. He's always ready to help people when they ask. He never gives up on a cause, and when he sets his mind to something, he is aJl in.

Tomko wants to bring eco-logical wisdom to Missouri, ban lobbyist gifts in the House of Representatives and the Senate, reduce wasteful spending and reduce government across the boa.rd, expand mental health treatment, improve senior, along with many other social needs that have not been addressed.

Tomko believes in small government and free market competition in business and in education. He may be young, but he is passionate and ready to work.

With his recent decision to donate the salary of State Representative to local charities in our area, I think it is a strong gesture that he is serious when it comes to helping the people, and it shows he is willing to make sacrifices to get the job done.

—Cutty Colyar, Hannibal

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