While the liberals and the liberal press refuse to forgive people of their past transgressions, what about the past transgressions of those who are the accusers?

The women who have now accused President Trump of misconduct both have what any reasonable person would call questionable life styles. One is a porn star and the other was a playboy bunny.

And there are questions: Why now? Why didn't they come forward during Trumps campaign? Why do their accounts have the exact same phrasing in places, word for word? What about the one woman saying she was with Trump "every minute" at the same golf tournament where the other woman said she had her fling with Trump ?

The press wants us to believe that it doesn't matter who is making the accusations, it only matters that the accusations have been made. Now they want us to agree the accusations are true just because they exist.

What some are calling "the deep state" is working feverishly to remove Trump from office. Using the liberal press to spread misinformation and disinformation, Some believe they are actually working toward a silent coup of the American government. Now they are using the Never Again movement of Americas youth to clear the single greatest obstacle they face — the Second Amendment.

Once the Second Amendment is gone, the First Amendment will disappear, followed by the rest of the Constitution.

— Myron Blaine, Hannibal

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