On Tuesday, May 1, I will finish 15 years as the 1st ward councilman. I am very proud of the accomplishments the city has made in that time and am glad I had a part in them. As I step down to work on other priorities in my life a new council person will step forward to fill my seat. I feel very strongly that anyone that sits on the council should do so out of a pure sense of commitment to their community and the desire to move the city forward for the betterment of everyone. This must be done with an open mind a strong will. Being a council person is not an easy job and rarely comes with recognition or thanks for a job well done. A council person must be resilient and willing to step forward to do the job others cannot or will not do. A council person must do the right thing for the right reasons even in the face of adversity and criticism. A council person must step forward and be a leader when others may not.

I would like to endorse Trisha O’Cheltree for the position of first ward council person. I believe she has the qualities to fill the 1st ward seat. Trisha has dedicated herself to community service. As a member of the Jaycees Trisha has worked diligently for the betterment of others dedicating her own time, energy, and often money to work to make her community a better place. She has worked hard as a member of her local chapter raising money and dedicating time and resources to make her community a better place and improve the lives of others. She has stepped forward to take leadership opportunities at the local, state, and national level with the Jaycees and shown her leadership abilities. Trisha has the qualities necessary to be a quality council person and therefore I encourage my fellow first ward citizens to get out and vote for Trisha O’Cheltree on April 3.

— Kevin Knickerbocker, Hannibal First Ward Councilman

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