The liberal left is screaming about President Trump dumping the Iranian nuclear deal. What the liberals don't want us to remember is Obama made that deal, and included millions of dollars in cash which he flew to Iran in the middle of the night without Congress knowing about it. 42 of 46 Democratic senators did not want the U.S. Senate to vote on the deal, while the United Nations and the Iranian regime voted on it.

Now Obama and his cronies are saying Iran "was complying" with the deal, which is a lie, because all of the Iranian military bases are off limits to the international inspectors so they can't know if Iran was in compliance.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came up with one hundred thousand files and 183 CDs of information from Iran's nuclear labs, proving Iran lied about compliance. Also, in dumping the Iranian deal, Russia was set back on their geopolitical goals in the Middle East.

Saying President Trump is "soft" on Russia is far from the truth. He's backed North Korea into a corner, and he can take care of Iran and Russia if the Dems have sense enough to let him.

—Myron Blaine, Hannibal

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