It’s a disgrace! And Rep. Sam Graves (R-6) ought to be ashamed of himself. It’s true, your Congressman Sam Graves voted for the pork-filled $1.3 Trillion budget bill that supports every democrat program that republicans, like Graves, have been promising for years to stop. Here’s a few of the vomit inducing priorities Graves voted for:

• $4.3 billion to Senator Schumer’s Gateway Rail Project NY/NJ (contrast this with almost $0 to President Trumps Border Wall construction

• $550 million to Planned Parenthood (321,384 abortions last year)

• $30 billion to the Dept. of Energy (does this government agency improve your life in any way?)

• $6 billion to the National Science Foundation (these are the people that spent $350,000 to find out if Japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine!)

And, can you believe the bill includes:

• $12 million in scholarships for citizens in the country of Lebanon

• $12 million in military funding for the country of Viet Nam

• $15 million in “developmental assistance” to China

• Funds to enhance the BORDER security of the countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia

And liberal ideas go unchallenged as this bill does NOT include reduced funding of Sanctuary Cities.

Our Rep. Sam Graves is no conservative. He may as well become a democrat as his funding priorities lie squarely in the democrat camp. It’s time for republicans to choose a conservative to represent us.

— Malcolm McCance, Camden Point, Mo.

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