It has been my privilege to have the friendship and legal services of Mr. Louis Riggs, candidate for the Missouri 5th House district in the upcoming primary election. It was in the mid-l 990s when we first became acquainted with Louis. With two young children, my wife and I decided to have our wills drawn up to provide for the care of our children in the event of some tragic event or illness to us. He provided us with professional legal services that attended to our needs in a friendly and cordial manner. I have observed him over the span of two decades and am amply impressed with his knowledge of our state government and his desire to bring meaningful and significant improvements to our district and other rural areas.

One such improvement, much needed and overdue, is the expansion of affordable and readily available high speed broadband access in rural Missouri. This has ramifications not only for the economic health of our region but also for medicine and other sectors of public life. As high speed broadband service became the norm in metropolitan areas, economic activity there drew young people away from the small towns and farms to higher paying jobs. Bringing high speed broadband to rural areas will help to stabilize that shift and bring economic expansion to out state areas of Missouri.

Mr. Riggs is also solidly pro-life and has been and is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. He will be an effective voice for the children awaiting their birth. While we have made positive steps in Missouri to protect life in and out of the womb, there is more to be accomplished. He will strive to bring about more of those protections.

Education continues to be a critical component of our state's present and future. As an educator at Hannibal-LaGrange University, he is well aware of the challenges confronting our state. Post-secondary education is about more than classrooms and professors on university and college campuses. It is also about vocational education and non-traditional venues to produce a capable workforce. Mr. Riggs is prepared to address these concerns.

Much more could be said about his qualifications and expertise. As his friend, I heartily endorse Louis and commend him to your consideration as you prepare to cast your ballot in the August primary!

— Robert Bixler, Hannibal

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