I am glad to live in such a great community. This past Friday evening I was helping my wife and our two daughters help with their Girl Scout Troop Cookie Booth at the Walmart in Hannibal when a couple of things happened. First is that when the girls were down to their last 8 to 10 boxes of cookies and trying to sell out for the year an unknown individual came up and gave them a hundred dollar bill and said your now sold out and keep the rest for the troop. But secondly and what is so ironic about this is that about an hour before that an individual had come out of Walmart and had only $3 left from shopping. A box is $4 and the person said sorry and started walking away. The girls had stopped him and said $3 is good enough and take the box. The smile on his face was priceless.

What a great example of the great community we live in and the lessons we all learn each day. A lot of discussions that night and great examples of helping others for the future.

— Lyndon Bode, Palmyra

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